Flash gets cosy with new browser

Web development tools vendor Macromedia has announced tight integration between the Macromedia Flash Player and Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5.

Explorer 5.5 now enables developers to manipulate rich media Macromedia Flash components on a Web page using custom Extensible Markup Language (XML) tags.

This integration enables developers who are not familiar with the Macromedia Flash authoring environment to easily design pages and applications that have rich Macromedia Flash interfaces and dynamically update based on user interaction.

Microsoft SOAPs up new language specs

Microsoft has announced specifications for Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) Contract Language and SOAP Discovery.

The specifications are a mechanism for integrating services on the Internet across any operating system, object model, or programming language. Because they use standard Internet protocols such as XML and HTTP, the new technologies are designed to enable applications to communicate with each other.

SOAP is an XML-based interoperability protocol created to enable the communication of applications and services on the Internet, submitted to the World Wide Web Consortium earlier this year.

SOAP Contract Language (SCL) builds on SOAP to help developers describe the features of an XML-based Web service to other developers and development tools, while the SOAP Discovery specification provides a set of rules that enable developers to automatically locate the description of a Web service within the SCL.

Sun rises on new Developer course

Sun Microsystems has teamed up with Macquarie University to offer an undergraduate course on commercialisation of technology to develop the entrepreneurial skills of Macquarie's computing students.

The seminar-based course is part of the university's undergraduate program in Human Language Technology, which involves the computational processing of human language in spoken or written form.

The course will focus on real-life case studies and make extensive use of course materials developed for the Sun Developer Connection program. Sun has also made a significant funding and product contribution to the university to support the program.

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