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FalconStor Delivers Innovative “Network Assisted” Storage Applications Through Cisco MDS 9000 Series SANTap Service and FalconStor IPStor Software

  • 11 March, 2005 12:24

<p>Sydney, Australia – March 11, 2005-FalconStor Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: FALC), a leading developer of network storage infrastructure software solutions, today announced that IPStor® Enterprise Edition, its flagship software product, fully supports and leverages the Cisco MDS 9000 Series SANTap Service (SANTap), to deliver network assisted storage services, such as continuous data protection and replication, backup consolidation and acceleration, and data migration and cloning to optimise the availability of mission-critical applications.</p>
<p>“Cisco’s SANTap Service helps facilitate the deployment of ‘network assisted’ storage applications,” said Ed Chapman, Cisco senior director of product management. “Applications such as FalconStor IPStor that take advantage of the SANTap service can provide their customers with best-in-class solutions for data protection and business continuity.”</p>
<p>Cisco’s SANTap functionality allows the deployment of third party application appliances without compromising the integrity, availability, and performance of the primary data path. SANTap enables third party applications to provide functionality including data continuity, data protection, online data migration, storage performance and SLA monitoring. Through the IPStor Storage Connector for Cisco SANTap Service, IPStor provides protection for application servers, with data consistency and application-aware snapshot agents to quickly recover to a known good point-in-time for specific database applications such as Oracle, and Microsoft Exchange Server and SQL Server.</p>
<p>IPStor plugs into the Cisco MDS 9000 Series through SANTap, without affecting the data flow. With IPStor seamlessly connected in the data path, businesses can effectively leverage the extensive set of storage services offered by IPStor, including:</p>
<p>• Continuous Data Protection – takes advantage of delta-based, application-aware snapshot agents to guard against deletions, file corruptions and virus attacks while enabling file-level recovery quickly and efficiently without the need to restore from tape;</p>
<p>• Continuous Data Replication – protects application servers by duplicating data across any distance between the primary and secondary data centers for continuous application operation in case of a disaster, and automatically adjusts the replication scheme, depending on the data rate and amount of network traffic, for the protection of mission-critical business data;</p>
<p>• Snapshot Copy – Through point-in-time snapshots, facilitates data center expansion without a need for downtime by leveraging IPStor TimeMarks to create a clone of the original data, enabling the new application server to work from the stable clone copy of the original data;</p>
<p>• RealTime Data Migration – reduces the need for downtime when migrating the data center to new equipment by utilising SANTap to connect IPStor to both the original and new storage array, with IPStor redirecting all I/O to new storage array once both systems are in-sync;</p>
<p>• Backup Consolidation through ZeroImpact™ Backup - provides centrally managed high-speed, no-impact full disk image backup with existing third party backup software on the IPStor server;</p>
<p>• Backup Acceleration via HyperTrac™ - for high-speed full, incremental, differential file-by-file backup anytime, using existing backup software in conjunction with TimeView®.</p>
<p>About FalconStor</p>
<p>FalconStor Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: FALC) is a leading developer of network storage software designed to optimise the storage, protection and availability of enterprise data. FalconStor's flagship product, IPStor, enables corporate IT to deploy a hardware-agnostic, network-centric foundation to maximise operating efficiency and business continuity, and to meet the availability requirements of mission-critical applications. IPStor-powered network storage solutions are available and supported by major OEMs, as well as system integrators and resellers worldwide.
Founded in 2000, FalconStor is headquartered in Melville, NY, with offices throughout Europe and the Asia Pacific regions including Paris, Tokyo and Taiwan. FalconStor is an active member of the Technical Support Alliance Network (TSANet), Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) and Fibre Channel Industry Association (FCIA). For more information, visit</p>
<p>Media Contacts:</p>
<p>Rob Stirling
Markom Marketing
+61 2 9977 8922</p>
<p>Joel Norton
FalconStor Software
+61 2 8912 2153</p>

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