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LCDs Continue To Rise in Popularity and Account For More Than Half of All Monitors Shipped in 2004, Reports IDC

  • 11 March, 2005 12:23

<p>NORTH SYDNEY, March 11th, 2005 – The Australian total PC monitor market finished the year on a positive note, with shipments in 4Q 2004 growing 1.9% sequentially from the third quarter of 2004, contributing to the 19.1% expansion from 2003. The branded market continued to lose market share to the OEM vendors with both market segments achieving 50% share of the total monitor market respectively, in 4Q 2004. The branded market declined 6 percentage points from 3Q 2004, while the OEM vendors experienced 11% quarter-on-quarter growth.</p>
<p>According to IDC, the OEM market continued to post robust growth, riding on a phenomenal quarter for desktops, driven by a peak in consumer buying as well as a pick up in education purchasing. In contrast, branded vendors continued to struggle in an increasingly competitive market where price remained the key consideration for IT executives and successful bundling and promotional activities were not as effective as before.</p>
<p>IDC Analyst for PC Hardware, Mercie Clement stated that, "The 2004 monitor market saw a pronounced migration to the LCD form factor, with 6 out of every 10 monitors shipped being an LCD display. LCD uptake is primarily driven by the decreasing cost of the technology which promises a longer life-span and fewer upgrades, and is expected to continue to cannibalise the already waning CRT market.</p>
<p>"IDC expects this trend to continue and peak in 2005, as vendors focus more on the higher end and/or larger sized models and as OEM vendors increasingly bundle their PCs with entry-level LCD monitors at compelling prices. However, LCD sales are expected to decline from 2006 onwards, having reached mainstream volumes by this stage and subject to fluctuations in desktop sales."</p>
<p>"The 4Q 2004 market experienced very notable changes in branded vendor rankings with LG maintaining the number one position with 14.1% share. Samsung finished the quarter with 12.7% share of units shipped. Philips managed to climb up to the third position with 12.4% share, after slipping to fifth position in 3Q 2004. Mitsubishi accounted for 11.8% share, to be in fourth place, while rounding out the top 5 was Benq which lost 1.5 percentage points from 3Q 2004, to finish with 10.8% share," added Ms Clement.</p>
<p>Top five vendors (branded market):</p>
<p>LG 14.1%,
Samsung 12.7%,
Philips 12.4%,
Mitsubishi 11.8%,
Benq 10.8%,
Others 38.2%,
Total 100%</p>
<p>For press enquiries please contact:
Mercie Clement
Associate Analyst, PC Hardware
Phone: 61 2 9925 2258</p>
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