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Intel Releases First Flash Software Development Kit For Cellular Device Makers

  • 26 October, 2004 14:04

<p>New Flash Software Developer Kit and Intel® Flash Data Integrator 6.0 Help Developers Design Multi-Media Phone Applications</p>
<p>INTEL DEVELOPER FORUM, Taipei, 26 October, 2004 – Intel Corporation today released its first Flash Software Developer Kit for Cellular and Intel® Flash Data Integrator 6.0 (Intel® FDI) that offers powerful features and improved performance to help developers design advanced applications for next-generation multimedia phones.</p>
<p>Flash software is a critical component to the wireless platform. Intel FDI and the software developer kit help designers more quickly integrate and develop such cellular phone applications as Java* applets, Bluetooth* file transfers, voice recognition tags, mp3, pictures and video files to the hardware.</p>
<p>“FDI helped us save both time and money in our development process,” said David Yoon, LG Electronics senior engineer. “The combination of FDI and Intel StrataFlash® Memory gave us a time-to-market advantage for our cellular design.”</p>
<p>Intel flash software offerings are royalty-free providing cost savings to designers while helping them to quickly deliver new products to market.</p>
<p>“Intel is working to provide its customers and development community much more than great hardware,” said Peter Van Deventer, marketing director of Intel’s Flash Products Group. “The added software elements we deliver bring tremendous value to phone designers to make the most of the applications their customers want.”</p>
<p>The new flash file system has improved queuing ability to support today’s digital video and camera features in phones, and also improves multi-tasking capability.</p>
<p>Intel FDI supports open architectures to allow easy integration of a flash file system with real-time operating systems. It will also help manufacturers transition more quickly to new phone designs based on next-generation memory technology.</p>
<p>“FDI’s superior capabilities enabled our powerful multimedia applications,” said Mando Kim, PANTECH Co. software team leader. “FDI and Intel StrataFlash® Memory provided us the perfect solution for our cellular products.”</p>
<p>Other important features Intel FDI will offer to phone designers are advanced power-loss recovery for database applications, the ability to group multiple operations into a single atomic call to ensure data integrity for enterprise mission-critical applications, and advanced stacked memory device support in order to manage code or data across multiple devices in a variety of configurations.</p>
<p>Intel FDI 6.0 is POSIX-compliant, making it easier for developers to deliver designs quicker to the market. POSIX is the most common standard for the portable operating system interface.</p>
<p>Intel Software Developer Kit for Cellular includes tools, a comprehensive architecture reference manual and reference code samples. These components give OEMs the option to develop and optimise their own file systems for Intel flash.</p>
<p>Intel FDI is tested and supported on a wide range of Intel Flash products, including Intel StrataFlash® memory and Intel® Wireless Flash memory, and will support next-generation releases of these products.</p>
<p>Value-Added Software</p>
<p>For more than a decade, Intel's software development, test, quality and customer teams have provided advanced flash memory software and continue to enhance one of the industry's most extensive flash memory software portfolios. Intel holds a range of memory software patents and has shipped its software for use in millions of devices. Intel FDI software is working on its sixth generation of silicon. For more information on Intel® Flash Memory products visit</p>
<p>Availability and Pricing</p>
<p>Intel FDI 6.0 and the Software Developer Kit 1.0 are available now and the software offerings are free of charge to Intel customers.</p>
<p>About IDF</p>
<p>Intel Developer Forum is the technology industry's premier event for hardware and software developers. Held worldwide throughout the year, IDF brings together key industry players to discuss cutting-edge technology and products for PCs, servers, communications equipment and handheld clients. For more information on IDF and Intel technology, visit</p>
<p>About Intel</p>
<p>Intel, the world's largest chip maker, is also a leading manufacturer of computer, networking and communications products. Additional information about Intel is available at</p>
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