What's new from ... Macromedia, Allaire, Whitewolf, Software AG, Adobe

What's new from ... Macromedia, Allaire, Whitewolf, Software AG, Adobe


The Dreamweaver set of Web application tools from Macromedia provide immediate access to source code and visual layout through the Roundtrip HTML and Quick Tag Editor features while a History Palette provides task automation.

In designing Dreamweaver 3, Macromedia has focussed on design control and provided for new HTML styles to accelerate layout and formatting.

Advanced interactivity can be integrated into pages through graphics from Fireworks, or Flash content with pre-coded JavaScript objects.

Dream Templates offer some useful short cuts for more generic developments and the software has been designed to integrate with Microsoft Office and leading e-commerce and application servers. Dreamweaver 3 can be customised using HTML, JavaScript and XML.

At the enterprise level, Dreamweaver UltraDev is designed to enable rapid development of enterprise Web applications. Capable of developing ASP, JSP and CFML Web applications in one visual environment, Dreamweaver UltraDev allows for live data previews while providing control over source code with Roundtrip HTML and Roundtrip Server Markup.

The software allows end users to connect Web sites to databases and preview, test and edit live data in the workspace, add server-side logic, navigation and interactivity.

Features also include a Data Source Palette to bind any text or any object attribute to dynamic content without writing code and Pure Pages, which reveals all your source code, and avoids uploading extra include files that weigh down your Web site.

Dreamweaver 3 and Dreamweaver UltraDev are currently available from software distributors Firmware. Dreamweaver 3 is priced at $636.90, while Dreamweaver UltraDev is $1204.50.

Macromedia is available through two distributor channels in Australia:l Scholastic New Media: (02) 4328 3555l Firmware: 1300 369 4.5 from Allaire is designed to develop and deliver scalable enterprise and e-commerce business applications. It includes visual programming, database, and debugging tools in the ColdFusion Studio integrated development environment.

ColdFusion 4.5 provides for open integration with databases, e-mail, directories, Java, XML, and enterprise systems and allows for the rapid development of complex Web applications.

The scaleable ColdFusion Server is now available on Windows, Solaris, HP-UX, and Linux. ColdFusion provides security on every level from development through deployment.

Built on ColdFusion, Allaire's Web application server, Allaire Spectra, includes numerous visual tools and built-in services designed to enable system administrators, developers, site designers, and business managers to include a range of different in Web design including linking external systems, designing site navigation, contributing content or analysing business progress.

Allaire describes Spectra as a packaged system for building large- scale Internet businesses, providing multiple functions in a single cohesive environment.

Spectra software offers a set of six core services - content management, workflow and process automation, roles-based security, personalisation, business intelligence and syndication.

Allaire Spectra is targeted at the building and management of large-scale Internet portals, e-commerce sites, and corporate-wide intranet and Internet systems where business people can manage site assets without direct IT involvement.

ColdFusion and Spectra are currently available from software distributors Firmware.

ColdFusion Studio is priced at $984.50, Cold Fusion Server Enterprise at $10,327.90 and ColdFusion Server Professional at $2693.90.

A Spectra two-year subscription is $11,820.60. Spectra plus two-year subscription is $40,969.50.

Allaire offerings are available through Firmware in Australia.

Firmware: 1300 369


Whitewolf's websiteMAX is designed to deliver powerful content management and distributed publishing capabilities. websiteMAX is an Australian-designed, 100 per cent pure Java e-publishing solution. The software enables staff to publish information in electronic format directly from their desktop, without the need for HTML skills.websiteMAX enables end users to publish and update online information, while retaining centralised control over its accuracy, currency and appearance.

Template-driven functionality allows users to publish and distribute knowledge to a specified corporate format and policy.

End users can access websiteMAX using any standard Web browser, eliminating the need for a client application, lowering training and support costs. Use of a simple, intuitive Windows Explorer-style interface further reduces end-user training costs.websiteMAX offers a range of sophisticated features, including templating and version control. It is XML-ready, offering support for next-generation application integration and electronic commerce functions.websiteMAX is currently available from Whitewolf, and retails for $4500.

Whitewolf: (02) 9211 to improve the collaboration and workflow between Web designers and Web site coders, Adobe GoLive 5.0 includes more than 100 new features and enhancements in visual design and site management of dynamic Web sites.

The new features include an on-board interactive editor for editing multimedia, "360Code" enabling control of Web design source code, site planning and management, "asset" check in and out through WebDAV support, and "smart links" that provide drag-and-drop object-sharing with other Adobe products.

GoLive 5.0 also offers Dynamic Link capabilities to simplify the incorporation of dynamic database and e-commerce capabilities.

Adobe GoLive 5.0 is thoroughly integrated with Adobe's professional Web and graphics products, including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, Adobe LiveMotion, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premier.

Adobe plans to provide additions to the GoLive product family, based on the GoLive 5.0 foundation that will provide collaboration, e-business, site management and content management to the Web workgroup.

Adobe GoLive 5.0 is currently available throughout Australia for $545.www.pacific.adobe.comSoftware AGSoftware AG provides three components of the e-business software environment: Application Development tools, middleware and a database management system.

Bolero 3.1 is a newly-enhanced Java application development environment specifically designed for building industrial-strength, XML-enabled e-business applications. An object-oriented development and runtime environment for component-based applications running on Java, Bolero 3.1 is fully XML compatible.

EntireX is middleware technology that allows organisations to implement and deploy DCOM components across their enterprise. This technology provides comprehensive facilities for integrating existing production systems with the new component-based approach.

EntireX includes features such as message-oriented middleware and "any-to-any" communication distributed component architecture and wrapping of procedural applications scalable Web solutions.

Tamino is a fast XML database management system capable of handling all forms of data. By allowing direct storage, integration and exchange of XML-data, Tamino resolves the performance and scalability issues that have plagued businesses wanting to adopt XML. With data storage in native XML format, time-consuming data conversion processes become unnecessary, resulting in faster transactions and reduced network traffic. Pricing is available on application.

Software AG: 1800 064

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