What's new from: D-Link, Cisco, Belkin, Mitsubishi, Bluesocket

What's new from: D-Link, Cisco, Belkin, Mitsubishi, Bluesocket

D-Link DWL-2700AP

D-Link's AirPremier DWL-2700AP is a rugged business-class outdoor 802.11g access point that delivers point-to-point and multi-point connectivity up to 500m. With management capability, the DWL-2700AP complies with 802.1x user-based authentication and supports WPA, as well as the ratified 802.11i security standard. It is enclosed in a watertight die-cast housing with built-in heater and lightning protection to shield against the toughest weather conditions, according to the company. The AirPremier 802.11g Outdoor Wireless Access Point features Wireless Distribution System (WDS), offering five operational modes: Access Point for creating a WLAN; Wireless Repeater to extend the range of AirPremier 802.11g wireless LANs by an additional 50 per cent of coverage; AP-to-AP Bridging for wirelessly connecting two networks; Point-to-Multipoint Bridging for wirelessly connecting multiple networks; and Wireless Access Point Client Mode for access points that need to be connected as clients. The AirPremier AP is fully compatible with all D-Link high-gain outdoor antennaes to extend the range even further for maximum possible coverage. It supports IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE), providing power to the device over standard twisted-pair Ethernet cables and eliminating the need for an outdoor Power source. The product is distributed in Australia by Bluechip, LAN 1, Pacific Datacom, Page Data, Synnex, Tech Pacific, EDSY IT Distribution and BJE Enterprises. RRP: $1954.95

Cisco Wireless Lan Solution Engine

Cisco Systems has released the latest version of CiscoWorks Wireless LAN Solution Engine (WLSE), a core component of the Cisco Structured Wireless-Aware Network (SWAN). The latest CiscoWorks WLSE version provides several new capabilities including self-healing, advanced intrusion detection, automated resite surveys, warm standby redundancy, real-time client tracking/reporting, and other new features. Self-healing is an advanced high-availability radio management feature that enables a Cisco Aironet Series access point to automatically adjust its cell coverage area to compensate for the loss of a nearby access point. Two new advanced intrusion detection solutions now protect the radio frequency (RF) environment and WLAN networks from unauthorised access and intruders. CiscoWorks WLSE is a centralised, systems-level solution for managing the entire Cisco Aironet wireless LAN (WLAN) infrastructure. CiscoWorks WLSE ensured smooth WLAN deployment, simplified everyday operation, tightened security and WLAN intrusion detection, optimised performance, and maximises network availability, the company said. Cisco SWAN delivers the same level of security, scalability, and manageability for wireless LANs that customers expect in their wired LAN, the company said. Using familiar Cisco IOS Software tools, Cisco Aironet access points, client devices, and Cisco switches and routers, this solution brings structure, control, and tight security to the wireless LAN. The product is distributed in Australia by Express Data and Lan Systems. RRP: $15,543.

Belkin Wireless G Router

Belkin is set to release a high-speed mode (HSM) wireless G router that offers speed improvements in "mixed mode" networking environments where other 802.11g devices may be present. HSM is interoperable with all other wireless devices, and offers faster speeds in pure HSM environments. Belkin 125Mbps adapters are required to achieve full 125Mbps data rate. Several product features include: parental control; an Integrated Content Filtering Solution for home networking; a pop-up blocker; an integrated adware blocker; spyware blocker; an incorporated cookie stopper; and an integrated history eraser. Belkin products are distributed in Australia by Express Online and Universal Enterprise. RRP: The Belkin HSM Wireless G line includes: Router (F5D7231-4au - RRP $199.95); Notebook Network Card (F5D7011au - RRP $99.95); Desktop Network Card (F5D7001au - RRP $99.95).

Mitsubishi Diamond Digital range

Mitsubishi Electric Australia has launched a suite of products which help users secure a wireless network and share an Internet connection between computers anywhere in the house or office. The suite includes the Diamond Digital R100 Wireless Gateway, Diamond Digital A101 Wireless USB Adaptor; and the Diamond Digital A111 Wireless Card Adaptor. All three are IEEE 802.11B and G compliant, operate at up to 54Mbps and have a range of up to 40m inside and a maximum of 350m outdoors. The products all incorporate the latest Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) security and come with tools that instantly show the signal strength allowing you to easily find the best place to place the equipment. The Wireless Gateway is configured for high performance IEEE 802.11b/g 54Mbps wireless transmissions and comes with its own firewalls for Internet, LAN and wireless traffic. The gateway is a fully functional router with four LAN and one WAN Ethernet ports, a multifunction USB port for printer sharing, FTP site and Web camera, and a separate parallel printer port.The USB adaptor is 802.11B and G compliant and operates at speeds of up to 54Mbps. Users can set up a network by using two or more Adaptors or a combination of Adaptors and Diamond Digital A111 Wireless Cards and share a dial-up Internet connection without the need for the Wireless Gateway. Advanced wireless technology detects and connects to different wireless networks and you can secure your wireless connectivity with 128-bit and 64-bit Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) and WPA. With a maximum range of 40m indoors and 350m outdoors users can stay connected in almost any room of the house and outdoors. Lastly, the wireless card adaptor allows users to connect a notebook to the home or office network, communicate with other wireless devices and connect to Wireless Internet Gateways, whether your own or public wireless hotspots. It has the same range as the Diamond Digital Wireless LAN Adaptor and Wireless Gateway and can be secured with 128-bit and 64-bit WEP and WPA. For distribution details visit or call (02) 9684 7777. RRP: R100 wireless gateway - $249; A101 wireless USB 2.0 LAN adaptor - $149; A111 wireless card (802.11b and g) - $129.

Bluesocket BlueSecure

Bluesocket is offering a Wireless LAN (WLAN) monitoring and intrusion protection system that guards an organisation's network from airborne attacks. The BlueSecure Intrusion Protection System can monitor and respond to events including all user activities, neighbouring Wireless LANs and congested, rogue or unauthorised access points. It can also spot outside threats posed by "war driving" and use advanced correlation to detect wireless attacks. The vendor-independent BlueSecure Server software provides WLAN administrators with an intuitive management interface for 24x7 tracking the entire wireless network. This software works with the BlueSecure RF Sensor, a purpose-built radio frequency (RF) device that monitors devices using the IEEE 802.11 b/a/g wavebands. One sensor can monitor the area covered by six access points. The product is distributed in Australia by Integrity Data Systems. RRP: BlueSecure Server - $5555; An a/b/g Sensor - $1361.80. Bundles available.

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