Why DID the chicken cross the road?

Why DID the chicken cross the road?

Steven Fraser (AMD): All I know is that the chicken in question could not possibly have come through official AMD channels.

Gerry Harvey: It was going to the shops like any other chicken, this whole stay at home and shop on line fiasco just won't work in the Australian fowl community.

Bill Gates: We have just released e-Chicken 2000, which will not only cross roads, but will lay eggs (only in the proprietary brown_ms.egg format), file your important documents, and balance your chequebook and Internet Explorer is an inextricable part of e-Chicken.

Sean Casey (Intel): Chicken, what chicken? There are plenty of chickens on the market. The channel has to realise that there are new chickens coming online and not get stuck with Legacy chickens.

IBM: What's wrong with legacy chickens?

HP: We've got legacy chickens too.

Compaq: Why won't anyone believe we are now a legacy chicken company? We sell more than just eggs.

Michael Dell: Because it was the most direct route to market.

Mike Rich (Attache): Because unlike our chickens it clearly wasn't network ready.

David Hancock (Inform): In fact we are very interested in doing some research into the whole chicken crossing the road movement, I'm sure if we get the appropriate financial backing we could provide some important insight into what is causing the crossing behaviour that we seem to be observing.

Bernie Esner (IDC): To check out the surf.

PR chick: As the world's leading road-crossing chicken, it had to facilitate delivery of its revolutionary and optimised new eggs to the significantly preferable side of the street.

Ian Fewtrell (Enterasys, formally Cabletron): Because it takes time for chickens to come to terms with the rebranding process.

Chris Tyler (formally of Solution 6): The whole chicken thing was a long time ago, besides the whole crossing the road rumour was just part of the culture, you find yourself at a road - you cross it, what's there to tell.

John Grant (Data#3): Quite frankly, because its capabilities are misunderstood, and as a result the chicken remains undervalued.

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