Microsoft delivers data mining extensions

Microsoft delivers data mining extensions

Microsoft used its TechEd show in the US last month to unveil the first portion of its data mining strategy, releasing specifications for data mining extensions to the OLE DB data access codes in its SQL Server database.

According to Steve Murchie, lead product manager for data mining at Microsoft, the vendor will look to drum up support for the extensions from applications vendors such as Cognos in an effort to speed the emergence of data mining applications.

"What we're talking about at this point is not so much technology as an interface specification," Murchie said. "We don't necessarily want to make the high-end tools for visualisation and statistical analysis.

"What we want to do is expose some baseline functionality and allow the application vendors to absorb that sort of technology into their products."

The first step in this strategy will come in just over three weeks, when Microsoft hosts a design review giving developers a chance to view and comment on the data mining extensions.

Once that process is complete, Microsoft will make the code avail- able to its partners, who can then incorporate the technology into their products.

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