Odd couples exposed

Odd couples exposed

It's a sad state of affairs when another media publication beats Tabloid to the scoop, but fortunately we're big enough to admit it when it happens, albeit rarely.

The latest, from that fine upstanding triumph to the women's movement Cleo, sees Mellissah Smith, director of relative PR newcomer Insomnia Marketing, profiled with her partner and former Broncos forward Andrew (name withheld to protect the innocent).

The segment was for Cleo's "Odd Couple" feature published in this month's edition - the one with Jennifer Aniston on the cover . . . ugggh, Jennifer (wipes drool from keyboard).

Anyway, it appears Smith's glamorous life of rubbing shoulders with IT's elite is in a whole other stadium to Andrew's park and gardens life with Gold Coast's City Council.

"I was a bit concerned about the fact that my job was cerebral, whereas his needed brawn," claims Mellissah . . . . mmm, must be different PR work than Tabloid is familiar with.

"He doesn't mind me being the dominant one professionally or that I bring home more money," she added.

With Mellissah working 12-14 hour days and always away, Andrew seems to know he's on a good wicket.

"I'd have no problem with being Mr Mum. When we have kids I'd love to take them to the park, have a natter with the girls and spend the afternoon shopping," he told Cleo. "I don't mind people thinking she's smarter than me, because she is."

Despite his acceptance Andrew knows the kind of questionable characters that swim around the IT channel.

"Sometimes I wonder what the concierge at the hotel she stays at must think because she always brings back different clients to her room, and IT is still a pretty male-dominated industry."

Mellissah assured Tabloid that bringing clients back to her room was not "just another service she offered". Damn those misquoting Cleo reporters.

But rest assured, Tabloid has got the real scoop.

In an exclusive, Mellissah claims the story which ran in Cleo was a trade-off to get one of her client's stories into the magazine.

"Yeah, I told them that if they ran my story about a company I represent which fosters women in the IT industry, then I'd agree to the profile," she said.

Now that's a dedicated PR chic.

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