Inprise/Borland ramps up training

Inprise/Borland ramps up training

Government-driven demand has forced Web development tool vendor Inprise/Borland to increase its training program, on offer in Canberra and Brisbane.

According to Inprise/Borland customer relationship manager Anthony Bordan, while public training had been running in Sydney and Melbourne for some time, a sharp increase in customer demand had led to the courses being offered in Canberra and Brisbane as well.

"The Federal Government's push to provide services and information online has led to an increase in demand for Inprise/Borland Web developer training, especially in the ACT," Bordan said.

The vendor offers both private and public training aimed at users of the Delphi and Jbuilder rapid development tools. Bordan believes that the Canberra training will provide a particular focus on integrating legacy systems into Web environments.

He told ARN the Inprise/Borland training generally attracted people with a background in Web development tools, looking at expanding their skills.

"We develop courses for our corporate clients, as well as the public. We get a lot of positive feedback from the corporate sector - we can tailor courses to their requirements and cater for however many places they require at whatever level," Bordan said.

According to Bordan, the predominantly technical training provides an important value-add to the Inprise/Borland channel, and the increase in places should improve reseller sell-through opportunities in Canberra and Brisbane.

"It is hard to say which comes first - we have to increase the training we offer because there are more people using our products, but on the other hand the training provides a great incentive to go with Inprise/Borland development tools," Bordan said.

Information regarding the location and cost of the public courses can be found on the Inprise/Borland Web site.

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