What's New From ... Asustek, NEC, IBM, Acer

What's New From ... Asustek, NEC, IBM, Acer


Aimed at professionals and executives, the Asustek L8400 features the Intel SpeedStepTM, which local distributor Achieva claims make the notebook run at 800MHz+ (equivalent to high-end desktop PCs).

The L8400 allows for switching between sports (plugged) and patrol (unplugged) modes. The magnesium alloy frame chassis is combined with ASUS' Dynamic Thermal Dissipation Solution to keep the notebook cool and the CPU running efficiently. The frame allows for thermal dissipation with passive air ventilation that can save battery life, according to the company.

The PortBar design facilitates system peripheral connectivity with less bulk and cost. Achieva is promoting the PortBar as an inexpensive docking solution, which allows you to connect with your desktop devices and then quickly connect or disconnect all the devices through a single easy-to-use connector.

When travelling, the integrated 56Kbps universal modem gives users fast and easy access to the Internet via multi-country telephone protocol support. Back at the office, the built-in 10/100 Fast-Ethernet gives you convenient cable management and high-speed network connectivity with remote system manageability via Wake-on-LAN and WFM (Wired for Management) support.

To reduce total cost of ownership, the L8400-B series can be easily maintained in a network- computing environment. Via AOL (Alert-on-LAN), WOL (Wake-on-LAN) and WFM (Wired-for-Management) support. A system administrator at a distance away can easily monitor notebook PC clients and remotely access clients for recovery or reconfiguration over the Ethernet or modem.

This Asustek offering is available through Sydney-based distributors Achieva and retails for approximately $4595, including GST.

Achieva: (02) 9742 3288


In the desktop replacement mobile computing area, NEC Computers Australia has released what they call the next-generation NEC Versa LX corporate workhorse: the NEC Versa LXi.

According to NEC, the Versa LXi integrates Intel's new mobile Pentium III processor and a 15-inch active-matrix TFT display.

The NEC Versa LXi is designed as a desktop replacement machine for power users in the business, corporate, government and educational markets.

The 0.18-micron design of the new mobile Pentium III processor gives notebook users a considerable power boost, faster clock speeds (up to 750MHz) and its built-in SSE multimedia extensions.

The new NEC Versa LXi comes standard with a second-generation NEC 15-inch TFT display, powered by a Savage S3 video controller with 8MB of SGRAM. The multimedia performance of the NEC Versa LXi makes it a partner for the 24X CD-ROM or optional 6X DVD drive.

In addition, a magnesium hardtop protects the NEC Versa LXi's screen.

The NEC Versa LXi is designed to fit into any SME, corporate, government or educational computing environment as a true desktop replacement system for power users. It is available with a 450MHz or 500MHz mobile Pentium III processor, a hard drive up to 18GB, and comes standard with 64MB RAM (256MB max.)

Its modular all-in-one design supports a broad range of VersaBay III accessories, which are compatible with existing NEC Versa SX and LX models. It also comes with a standard 10/100 LAN/56Kbps modem combo mini-PCI card.

The NEC Versa LXi is available with Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0, and comes with a full range of productivity software and utilities, including Microsoft Word 2000, Works and Money 99, and a Recovery CD.

NEC Versa LXi is currently available throughout Australia. The LXi range retails from $5500 to $8282 (including GST), depending on features.

NEC: 1800 632 777


The IBM ThinkPad 20 is the lightest notebook in the ThinkPad range, with a 14.1 inch screen. The new ThinkPad T Series packs a lot of performance into a thin and light package, according to IBM. The Titanium Composite in the top and bottom covers of this 3.3cm slim notebook creates a lighweight design with improved strength.

The Thinkpad T20 TFT displays up to 14.1 inch and an Intel Mobile Pentium III processor at up to 700MHz, featuring Intel SpeedStep technology, in a travel weight of about 2.1kg.

You can fast-swap standard and optional devices such as CD-Read/Write, DVD-ROM, CD-ROM, SuperDisk (LS-120), second hard disk drive, or second battery using the new integrated, easy-loading modular Ultrabay 2000. The Ultrabay 2000 devices, the new optional ThinkPad Port Replicator and the ThinkPad Dock also can be used with the new ThinkPad A Series models.

The offering is ready to connect with the standard RJ-45 and RJ-11 ports and the versatile user-accessible Communications Bay, which makes it easier to service and ready for industry-standard Mini PCI cards, including the 56K V.90/EtherJet solution already installed. The ThinkPad T Series also allows you to work with the optional 802.11b wireless LAN solution. To simplify device connectivity and remove the need for cables, IBM is planning to announce Bluetooth wireless technology communications devices including a Bluetooth PC Card option and Bluetooth option for the ThinkPad UltraPort connector in the second half of 2000.

The T20 is currently retailing throughout Australia for $7577, including GST.

The T20 is available through the following IBM distributors; IT Wholesale: (02) 9648 1800 and (07) 3857 7477, Ingram Micro: 1300 65 33 33, Prion Technology: 1300 363 609 and Tech Pacific Australia: 1300 651 124.


The TravelMate 730 is an Intel Pentium III processor, complemented by SDRAM system memory, and choice of 15 inch or 14.1 inch XGA TFT displays driven by an advanced ATI RAGE mobility graphics accelerator. The TravelMate 730series features a 64-bit PCI audio system with large flat panel CrystalSound speakers. The AcerMedia bay with modular DVD-ROM or CD-ROM enables access to information and applications, as well as storage expansion.

The TravelMate 730 series offers an array of features geared towards reduced ownership costs and investment protection for business-centric environments, including antivirus, network client and hardware-diagnostics software. Integrated networking and communication tools, DMI compliance, USB connectivity upgradable system memory and a removable high-capacity hard disk drive enhance manageability, security and convenience. The optional Dockmate mini-docking bar with Wake-onLAN offers one-step connection to numerous peripherals and simplifies cable management.

Using magnesium alloy blends and PC-ABS materials, Acer has aimed to provide the TravelMate 730 with secure internal systems without compromising on lightweight and aesthetics.

In the TravelMate 730, Acer has also focused on providing generous battery life as a result of combining a range of power management techniques and innovative technologies, including air channel thermal management and a lithium-ion graphite battery with high density cellular composition, according to Acer. Five hours of battery stamina on a single charge provides users with the opportunity to work for longer on a single charge.

The Acer TravelMate 730 series is currently available and retails from $6399, including GST.

Acer: 1300 366 567

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