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Alphawest Signs Partnership with PolicyPoint to Strengthen Leadership in Information Management Services

  • 28 November, 2005 12:46

<p>Alphawest, an Australian IT Services business, has signed a partnership agreement with PolicyPoint – an Internet based business service that continuously tests employees’ understanding of mandatory organisational information, such as policies for ASX or Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, Internet Use, Privacy or Sexual Harassment.</p>
<p>PolicyPoint enables organisations to identify and remedy areas of risk, and manages the whole process of mandatory procedures and policies, escalating to management only by exception. PolicyPoint links with existing IM, HR and email systems, to alert individuals about the information they must know, directs them to internal learning resources, reminds them when testing is due, conducts formal testing on-line, updates their histories and resets their testing schedules. The service also applies checklists to ensure that the policies that are understood are also being followed.</p>
<p>“This partnership with PolicyPoint is part of Alphawest's strategic drive to
expand its position as a market leader in Information Management
services nationally,” said Garry Henley, Chief Executive Officer, Alphawest. “It provides a means for us to add business value to our customers’ business processes around compliance and corporate governance.”</p>
<p>“Alphawest is not simply another technology supplier, but a partner that
continually assess the level of expertise and the value our solutions deliver to clients. The opportunity to deliver PolicyPoint as a component of an enterprise’s overall Information Management Strategy is an integral part of our growth strategy,” he said.</p>
<p>Alphawest plans to build the PolicyPoint offering into its strategies for enterprise wide
Information Management systems within the government and commercial
sectors. The ability to enable and demonstrate compliance and corporate governance is fundamental to Information Management strategy.</p>
<p>“Compliance continues to grow as a management issue and an enabler or inhibitor of growth in all enterprises, and across all business sectors,” said Scott Eade, Technical Director of PolicyPoint. “As legislation continues to escalate, it is no longer enough to create and communicate a policy for employees – you must also know, and be able to prove, that they have read and understood it. This is making knowledge mandatory rather than optional, and is precisely what PolicyPoint does”.</p>
<p>“The service is web-based and uses corporate Internet, intranet and e-mail systems. It automates scheduling and testing of employees’ understanding of compliance and other policies, enforcing the process across whole enterprises – independently and in multiple cycles. Its implementation and usage crosses all functions, which makes PolicyPoint an excellent strategic fit with the services and capabilities of Alphawest – particularly as a component of enterprise-wide Information Management systems,” he said.</p>
<p>About Alphawest</p>
<p>Alphawest Services Pty Ltd is an IT Services business operating across the Australasian region, focusing on three key sectors of the IT Services market: Information Management, Infrastructure Solutions and Business Continuity.</p>
<p>Alphawest excels in aligning IT systems with a company's business goals for the creation of genuine business value and enjoys strong partnerships with leading organisations throughout Australasia.</p>
<p>Alphawest employs staff in offices located in Albany, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth, Bunbury and Singapore.
Alphawest is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Optus Networks Pty Ltd and part of the SingTel Group.</p>
<p>About PolicyPoint</p>
<p>PolicyPoint Pty Ltd is an Australian-based specialist in business tools that ensure comprehension and implementation of vital knowledge. Its products are web-based, developed in conjunction with leading business consultants and delivered as ASPs.</p>
<p>PolicyPoint focuses in legal, financial, manufacturing and government, where its services are used extensively in leading organisations in Australia and New Zealand.</p>
<p>PolicyPoint has staff in Sydney, Brisbane and Wellington.</p>
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