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Allied Telesyn’s iPOS Aims to Ring Up Sales with Scalable Solutions for Retail Point-of-Sale Networking

  • 02 November, 2004 14:21

<p>Streamlined solutions designed to meet the increasingly complex demands of
modern retail and fast service enterprises. Allied Telesyn’s iPOS helps to generate more revenue for retail and services enterprises by delivering new services and improving customers’ retail experience.</p>
<p>SYDNEY, Australia – November 2, 2004: Allied Telesyn International (Australia), provider of refined end-to-end networking technologies, has announced a flexible, streamlined networking solution for retail point-of-sale and fast service enterprises. The Intelligent Point of Sale (iPOS) solutions suite is designed to support traditional devices such as registers and terminals, as well meet the increasingly complex demands of newer technologies such as interactive kiosks and multimedia POS marketing.</p>
<p>“iPOS solutions are purpose-built for delivering true commercial benefits to the retail and fast service industries,” said Nick Duval, Business Alliance Manager for Allied Telesyn (Australia). “They deliver all of the functions and scalability of large enterprise systems, but at a lower total cost of ownership and with a faster return on investment. iPOS solutions keep deployment costs low by having only a single device at store level. This means just one box per store, instead of the traditional router, switch, and VPN/security device. These one-box nodes communicate securely to the main office, providing a high performance VPN solution .</p>
<p>“Apart from its streamlined technology and cost-effectiveness, the true commercial benefit of iPOS is its potential to generate additional revenue for the retail and services enterprise by enhancing the customer’s experience through the seamless delivery of a multitude of additional services,” he said.</p>
<p>iPOS will speed transactions and increase the quality of customer contacts in the retail environment by connecting solutions such as attention-grabbing multimedia displays and self-service web ordering, and online registry kiosks to assist customers with their choices – all deployed at store level, but managed from a central location . Links from the stores to the central network will also keep inventory and sales numbers current.</p>
<p>Surveillance cameras can also be integrated to help reduce shrinkage, support accounting and auditing operations, and monitor staff activities and performance for HR and occupational health and safety management. Headquarters-based marketing managers can even remotely track customer traffic patterns to monitor in-store promotions and merchandising campaigns.</p>
<p>A coffee shop or fast service restaurant can have self-service kiosks and wireless network access in addition to the traditional POS registers. Security cameras and data networks link the front of house with the kitchen and business offices – both on and off site. Streaming music, interactive menus and audio promotions can also be added to generate additional revenue.</p>
<p>A multi-service petroleum retail network can use iPOS to deliver new applications such as streaming video promotions at the pump for value add services such as car-washes in addition to existing e-payment options, and IP-based security cameras in conjunction with traditional in-store functions.</p>
<p>Allied Telesyn iPOS suite includes infrastructure solutions for:
• Simple POS Connectivity
• Managed POS Connectivity
• Self service kiosks
• Business Computers/Server Connectivity
• Public Wireless Access
• Streaming Video/Audio Promotions
• WAN Solutions
• IP Camera Solutions</p>
<p>Pricing and Availability
The Intelligent Point of Sale (iPOS) suite is available now. Prices will vary according to the networking components selected.</p>
<p>About Allied Telesyn
Allied Telesyn has been an innovator in the development and manufacturing of high-quality, low-cost networking solutions since 1987. The company’s diverse portfolio of solutions, scales to optimize networks for any distance, speed, security or legacy integration. Allied Telesyn’s core to edge technologies range from simple Ethernet adapters, hubs and media converters to robust multilayer Gigabit Ethernet switches; from network management, wireless and security solutions to Carrier Class solutions that deliver real time multimedia. Allied Telesyn’s flexible service and support programmes are tailored to meet a wide range of wide range of customer needs and are designed to protect customers’ Allied Telesyn investments well into the future.</p>
<p>For more information, please visit</p>
<p>For media information contact:
John Back
Kinetics Pty Ltd
Ph: (02) 9976 6611</p>

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