What's new from: SonicWall, RSA Security, TruSecure, WebSpy, Xelios

What's new from: SonicWall, RSA Security, TruSecure, WebSpy, Xelios


Released in May, the SonicWall SOHO TZW is the first firewall appliance to integrate secure wireless and Virtual Private Networking (VPN) technologies in a complete, easy-to-use solution. It bridges administrators’ need for network security and end user demands for convenient, wireless connectivity. The SOHO TZW is designed for branch offices and SMEs, supporting up to 50 users and can be configured to protect unlimited users. It creates multiple security zones for wired, wireless and guest wireless users, and cost-effectively integrates features including firewall, VPN, encryption and antivirus. The SOHO TZW is now through SonicWall distribution channels.

RRP: $1750 (inc. GST).

RSA Security

RSA SecurID Passage is a smart card and digital credential solution that provides user authentication to networks and multiple applications. It replaces static passwords with a Java platform smart card for user authentication to workstations, networks and sensitive data. RSA SecurID Passage leverages traditional passwords or digital certificates for accessing resources, offering transparent migration paths from passwords to digital certificates. Its Java Card multi-application capability allows users to deploy other applications — ranging from electronic purse to custom-designed employee applications — to the same card and the ability to extend the usage of digital certificates and key sets to security-sensitive email, Web and VPN environments. The RSA SecurID Passage smart card solution includes desktop software, an RSA SecurID 5100 Java Card smart card and an optional PC/SC smart card reader. It is currently available in Australia through distributor Express Data.

RRP: $100 per user (for 10 users).


TruSecure’s IntelliShield is a security threat/vulnerability alerting service that notifies the individuals in an organisation, in advance, about emerging threats that potentially impact the specific technologies for which they are responsible. Each alert is rated for urgency, severity and credibility so that organisations can easily prioritise their vulnerability management activities. Each alert includes detailed analysis, and safeguards or patches (where available), arming organisations with the information required to protect critical systems. The service is currently available through TruSecure Australia/NZ.

RRP: Upon application.

TruSecure Australia/NZ: (02) 9263 4705


WebSpy’s ISA Server Suite offers an integrated Internet monitoring tool and the Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000 (ISA Server 2000). It is designed to help organisations protect, accelerate and control their network access. Complementing the secure Internet connectivity offered by ISA Server, WebSpy provides real-time monitoring of Internet activity to organisations implementing Microsoft’s security solution. The bundled product provides a cost-effective turnkey solution that includes an extensible, multilayer enterprise firewall, Web cache, and analysis tool to provide comprehensive reporting on all aspects of the package. It delivers two applications at a lower cost than purchasing them individually making the technology accessible to smaller businesses. WebSpy ISA Server Suite is distributed in Australia by Aquion, TechPlus Distribution and White Gold Solutions.

RRP: $3199.


Xelios’ PC Login Biometric Edition integrates fingerprint authentication to efficiently prevent unauthorised access on your computer or network Access control by fingerprint during reboot. It offers multiple user management, automatic synchronisation with Windows user accounts and full integration with domain controller. It features 3DES encryption of the fingerprint on hard disk, compatibility with external drive for fingerprint storage (USB keys, smart cards) and supports multiple fingerprints per user (up to 10). It sports a USB connection and automatic deployment through central security administration platform. Xelios’ PC Login Biometric Edition is available now from Xelios.

RRP: From $500 per user.

Xelios: (02) 9994 8700

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