Thin team to work with Oracle and Sun

Thin team to work with Oracle and Sun

ASX-listed Thin Technologies, a retail industry-based B2B ASP, is nearing the release of a range of point of sale (POS) software developed in conjunction with Sun Microsystems and Oracle.

Thin Technologies has announced the completion of a final round of testing which will see the software finally released for field testing. According to company sources selected clients have agreed to field test the solution in September and October with results expected within weeks.

Field testers will trial a pre-release version that will confirm the useability and presentation of the solution. The integrated EFTPOS component is currently undergoing official certification, and will then be included in the field trials. Integrated EFTPOS will be part of the production version of the TTL solution, along with enhanced financial functionality.

The Thin Technologies testing teams have worked closely with Sun Professional Services to complete the POS front-end system and the Sun BackOffice software, which manages the communication between the POS and the Oracle BackOffice solution.

TTL has completed the installation of the backend server ­ the Sun Enterprise 10000 server ­ and the data storage facilities. The communication network has been implemented and tested and transactions can now be processed across the network. The integrated solution, written by Sun and Oracle has been installed on the E10K production environment in preparation for field-testing.

The financial software in the standard solution, providing General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Inventory Control, has been written and completed by Oracle Consulting. Oracle is now working on the enhanced financial package which will be available in subsequent product upgrades.

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