The Channel Mafia

The Channel Mafia

After an overwhelming response to Tabloid's report on Andy's Anagram Solver (June 12, page 64, www.ssynth., we bring you another installment in the quest to uncover the real identities behind renowned IT channel figures.

We've run some channel types - whose names just happen to spring to mind - through the Mobster Name Generator ( html) to discover their real identities in the Channel Mafia.

- David Cullen (Tech Pacific) -

Don Tessio

- David Shein (Com Tech) -

Don Jabba

- Michael Shea (Ingram Micro) -

Vito The Henchman

- John Slack-Smith (Harvey Norman) - Angry Johnny The Henchman Fontane- Ron Harris (Harris Technology) - Carlo The Beard- Laurie Sellers (Alstom IT) - Signor Frankie- David Solsky (Digital Storage) - Don Carlo- Theo Baker (Powerlan) - Vito The Chin Pignatelli- Ken Wood (EnStor) - Sullen Bruno- Kent Brooks (NetStar) - Brooklyn Bugsy The Beard Brasi- Rob Kester (Avnet) - Angry Sonny The Henchman Lucchesi- Hugh Evans (Siltek Asia Pacific) - Sammy The Beard- Michael Bosnar (Prion) - Signor Vincent- Michael Calculli (Agate) - Vito The Bull- John Grant (Data#3) - Eddie The Finger Breaker Pignatelli- Jon Johnston (Centari) - Don Frederico- Jonathan Fisk (Senteq) - Eddie Three Fingers- Andrew Kelly (Strathfield Group) - Don Bugsy- David Gold (dstore) - Rollo The Sicilian Tommasino- Fiona Dicker (Dicker Data) - Don Joey- Phil Howson (Sunrise/Powerlan) - Disgruntled Mario The Fish- Bruce Linn (Camtech) - Angry Joey The Henchman Pignatelli- Frank Colli (Leading Solutions) - Sullen Sammy The Bull Soprano- Nick Verykios (LAN Systems) - Tessio The Beard- Lyle Potgieter (Logical) - Handsome Mario The Chin

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