Citrix VPN on tap over the Web

Citrix VPN on tap over the Web


Thin-client software vendor Citrix has announced the release of new security software that lets remote users securely access Windows and Unix applications protected by a corporate firewall and, according to Nabeel Youakim, managing director of Citrix Australia, the outlook for resellers is promising.

The company also released new versions of its MetaFrame and Nfuse products. Youakim said Citrix's 400-plus certified resellers now have the ability to create for their customers a virtual private network (VPN) over the Internet as a valuable wrap around to a reseller's existing services.

The new security software, dubbed Citrix Extranet, can be loaded over a company's existing application servers or the firewall itself, and is designed to authenticate users for encrypted access to a company's business applications over the Web.

Access can be made from any number of client devices including PCs, notebooks or wireless handheld devices.

The software uses access control lists, access policies, and an event log for security auditing. It supports an array of third-party authentication mechanisms, such as RSA SecureID/Ace Server, x.509 (PKI) digital certificates, smart cards, and tokens.

A key feature lets users register themselves online, instead of requiring an administrator to register each user manually.

The new version of MetaFrame, called "Feature Release 1", for Windows NT 4.0 Terminal Server Edition and Windows 2000, includes a number of tweaks designed to speed up the users' interactions with server-based applications. The new release can display a much larger array of colours, and boosts screen resolution to 64,000 x 64,000 pixels. It also incorporates a previously separate product, called SecureICA, which uses 128-bit encryption to protect data flows.

The NFuse product lets users work with a browser to see their authorised applications on a Web page. They click on a link or icon, and the application opens either inside the browser or in a separate window.

NFuse 1.5 makes use of caching to speed up the user logon and application access over the Web. A new installation feature can automatically download the correct version of the Citrix client software to the user's PC or handheld. And the new version now lets browser access applications running on Unix servers with the MetaFrame software.

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