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Packeteer 7 Sets the Bar for WAN Application Traffic Management

  • 02 November, 2004 09:29

<p>~ Newest appliance software release sets the bar for Layer 7 intelligence and automation on very dynamic enterprise WANs ~</p>
<p>SYDNEY, Australia -- November 2, 2004 -- Packeteer®, Inc. (NASDAQ: PKTR), the pioneer and global leader in Application Traffic Management, today announced Packeteer 7, a major software release for its family of WAN appliances. Packeteer 7 delivers a broad range of new capabilities, including Adaptive Response, Application Flow Monitoring, and enhancements to Packeteer's system-wide reporting and policy management applications.</p>
<p>One of the significant advancements in Packeteer 7, Adaptive Response, provides a new level of intelligence and automation that helps enterprises effectively prepare for unforeseen events such as virus outbreaks and rogue applications that can consume bandwidth and rapidly disrupt their networks. Building on eight years of development, Adaptive Response extends Packeteer 7 beyond auto-classification, dynamic bandwidth management, and ActiveTunnel acceleration.</p>
<p>Adaptive Response now enables Packeteer appliances to automatically adapt to rapid changes in network and application conditions, including:
* Automatically engage second level diagnostics when problems occur;
* Automatically adjust QoS parameters to correct and optimise WAN and application performance;
* Quickly alert on and isolate new or suspicious applications that suddenly appear on your network;
* Identify and contain suspicious hosts; and,
* Adapt to real-time network changes through flexible and configurable responses.</p>
<p>"Adaptive capabilities have the potential to provide unprecedented flexibility and control to enterprise networks," said IDC analyst Stephen Elliot. "The opportunity to offload a majority of the manual tasks IT departments generally are involved with will free them up for other projects -- making IT more efficient and strategic to the enterprise."</p>
<p>Adaptive Response is currently in use by several customers for a variety of visibility, control, and acceleration operations, including automated reporting, policy changes, application classification, compression implementation, security controls, and more. Packeteer can enable IT organisations to implement policies that establish a desired WAN performance for particular application classes -- such as SAP and VoIP, for example. Adaptive Response can further automate reactions to changes in network and application behavior. If an unexpected network event disrupts an application -- taking it outside the acceptable performance range defined by the policy -- Adaptive Response will automatically "adapt" to the change by making adjustments to the policy and restoring performance to its desired state. The level of automation that is completely defined by the network manager and can range from simple automated alerts, to automated problem resolution and troubleshooting.</p>
<p>"The pace of change in network and applications is staggering," said Peter Owen, Territory Manager, Australia &amp; New Zealand for Packeteer. "With new virus threats, wireless and mobile networking and hundreds of applications contending for enterprise WAN resources -- it is increasingly difficult to deliver highly available and predictable performance. Packeteer 7 really helps customers see when things change and manage through that to deliver predictable performance. While the concept of an adaptive or self-healing network is not new, we've turned the concept into reality and implemented Adaptive Response in a way that gives IT organisations an unprecedented level of power, control, and operational efficiency."</p>
<p>In addition to Adaptive Response, Packeteer 7 software offers several new features and major updates to existing capabilities including:</p>
<p>* Flow Detail Records that provide a more granular and comprehensive Layer 2-7 view into network and application performance data between two end points. The information can be used in a variety of ways, including monitoring and optimising MPLS service levels and VoIP performance across the WAN;</p>
<p>* ReportCenter 3.0 -- which includes reporting for Flow Detail Record with per-flow information, enables near real-time reporting and provides enhancements for MPLS, VoIP, IP Host-Pair and virtual class extensions; and,</p>
<p>* PolicyCenter -- which includes a new feature for Hierarchical Groups that extends the PolicyCenter concept of inheritance to allow for more management flexibility, and a new alert system for when new software images are available.</p>
<p>Packeteer 7 software is available immediately for all Packeteer appliances and is available at no charge to customers under current service contracts.</p>
Packeteer®, Inc., (NASDAQ: PKTR) is the global market leader in Application Traffic Management for wide area networks. Deployed at more than 7,000 companies in 50 countries, Packeteer solutions empower IT organisations with patented network visibility, control, and acceleration capabilities delivered through a family of intelligent, scalable appliances. For more information, visit the company's web site at</p>
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