Intel rolls out new enterprise VPN

Intel rolls out new enterprise VPN

Intel last week said it will roll out new VPN (virtual private network) products designed to give enterprise users a simple, secure way to connect remote and branch offices over the Internet.

Intel's VPN Gateway products comply with the IP Security 1.1 industry security standard, and include an International Computer Security Association firewall, unlimited remote clients and a BlackIce Defender personal firewall.

Intel has four VPN Gateways in its product line. The high-end VPN gateways - the Intel NetStructure 3130 and 3125 VPN Gateways - feature up to 95Mbit/sec of throughput and 10,000 simultaneous connection tunnels. The 3130 also features additional PCI slots for expansion. The 3125 features the same performance metrics as the 3130, but is a single-rack unit model. Both the 3130 and 3125 include the Intel NetStructure VPN Management Suite, which allows for security audits and usage analysis.

The 3120 VPN Gateway offers up to 20Mbit/sec of throughput and 2,000 simultaneous tunnels for a mid- to large-size branch office, or small central site.

Intel says it will offer a VPN software upgrade for its Express 8200 and 9500 routers to allow existing customers to integrate VPN, firewall, and WAN access and routing functionality without having to buy more hardware components. Those routers - which can provide up to 1.3Mbit/sec of VPN throughput, according to the company - can be used in conjunction with Intel's VPN Gateways to connect small sites with central offices.

In the US the Intel NetStructure 3110, 3120 and 3130 VPN Gateways are available for $US3,495, $10,995 and $20,995. The 3125 VPN Gateway will be available November 22 for $20,995. The VPN upgrade for the Express 8200 and 9500 routers will be available September 29 for $499 for a single upgrade, or $3,499 for a 10-device upgrade.

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