Network Solutions Briefs: Cisco, MED, NZ 3G

Network Solutions Briefs: Cisco, MED, NZ 3G

Cisco adds DSL equipment for businesses

Cisco last week said that it will start offering a new ADSL router and an ADSL WAN interface card, as part of its portfolio of business DSL customer premises equipment.

The new router, the Cisco SOHO 77 ADSL Router, is designed for small office/home office users who need to have multiple-user access to the Internet, Cisco said.

Cisco plans to make the SOHO 77 ADSL Router available by the end of October, with a list price of $US549.

In addition to its router offering, Cisco will begin offering the ADSL WAN Interface card for the Cisco 1700 series router and later for the Cisco 2600 and 3600 series of modular access routers. The card is slated for release later this month.

MED move speeds NZ 3G auction's end

By the time you read this it could be all over for the spectrum auction in NZ. The Ministry of Economic Development (MED) has announced it will double the number of rounds held each day and increase the minimum bids for some lots.

This should see the whole drawn-out process telescope in on itself and come to a halt some time soon - either that or it will drive up the price for the spectrum as companies find they have to bid more to both stay in the race and keep the race going.

The three main bidders, Vodafone, Telstra Saturn and Telecom NZ, have each picked one of the three slots available and bid around $NZ5.35 million ($4 million) each. And there they've sat, unmolested, for almost the entire length of the auction. Meanwhile, over in the 2G slots, a flurry of exchanges has seen the price climb quite quickly in recent weeks, with Walker Wireless, Vodafone and INL having the upper hand.

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