What's new from ... Veritas, Tivoli, Computer Associates, Compaq

What's new from ... Veritas, Tivoli, Computer Associates, Compaq


Vertas SANPoint consists of a suite of three products. Veritas SANPoint Control is a centralised management tool for automatic discovery, visualisation and zoning administration of SAN-connected devices. Using Veritas V3 technology and existing industry standards, SANPoint Control provides drag and drop zoning capabilities in a heterogeneous storage area network (SAN).

According to Veritas, SANPoint Control builds on the storage virtualisation capabilities of Veritas Volume Manager. SANPoint Control enables a single point of management, from logical unit (LUN) to interconnect and to SAN-connected hosts. Host-, device- or fabric-based maps provide customisable intuitive views into your SAN as well as real-time events to diagnose and avoid outages.

Designed to work in conjunction with SANPoint Direct, a direct file access solution for Windows 2000 which further extends SAN capabilities by providing direct SAN file access capabilities to multiple hosts in NTFS environments. SANPoint Direct file access technology increases performance and scalability.

In traditional file server environments, the read and write commands involved with metadata and data transfer operations are handled in the same way: data requests and data transfers going between the clients and disks go through the server and over the LAN.

SANPoint Direct is designed to reduce the LAN traffic and increases data transfer speeds by allowing computing nodes to directly access data over the SAN, reduces the load on the server, the company claims. According to Veritas SANPoint Direct's scalable architecture and direct data access technology allow a single server to serve many (tens or even hundreds) clients. SANPoint Direct runs in virtually any Windows 2000 environment and works with Microsoft Cluster to enhance the availability of critical data.

Veritas SANPoint Storage Appliance software enables a standard computer server to become a high-performance and high-availability storage server. This software is designed to allow the storage server to present its storage to a network for use by storage clients. Veritas has two suites of software for managing central resources of networked storage. The Vertas SANPoint Storage Appliance software suite allows the user to create a SAN storage server, presenting its storage as SCSI virtual disks on a SAN. Veritas SANPoint Storage Appliance software is the right choice for applications such as databases, where a direct connection to the disk system is required. The second suite is the Veritas File Server Edition, for consolidated file (NFS and CIFS) and print services on a standard network (LAN or WAN).

Contact Veritas for pricing guidelines. According to Veritas, SANPoint will be released later this year.

Veritas: 1800 222 587


Tivoli has designed its Storage Manager to utilise high-performance patented technologies to protect and manage mission-critical business information in an enterprise-wide SAN and traditional network environment.

Combined with Tivoli Storage Manager's range of optional products, Tivoli offers an end-to-end scalable solution spanning palm tops to mainframes for over 35 platforms. SAN features include; LAN-free backup and tape sharing, automated network incremental and sub-file backup, archive, and retrieval, the industry's fastest recovery time, space management file migration, high-speed policy-based disaster recovery, data protection offered for most popular groupware, e-mail, databases and applications.

Tivoli Storage Manager includes other features such as adaptive differencing technology, a new, patented technology that effects an organisation's transfer data throughout the enterprise.

The offering's core functionality is based around automated, unattended incremental backups, high speed restore, and long-term data archives and provides a data availability solution.

According to Tivoli, the product also offers hierarchical storage management, disaster recovery, and database and application support and can be integrated utilising Tivoli Storage Manager's optional products. Online and offline backup and archive support offered through Tivoli Data Protection Products for applications and databases, along with other sources.

Storage manager offers extensive platform support protecting over 35 platforms of workstations and LAN file servers, spanning mainframes to palm tops. Tivoli has also designed the product to work in conjunction with a range of storage devices including over 250 disk, removable cartridge drives, and tape systems.

Tivoli Storage Manager is currently available throughout Australia, with pricing upon application.

Tivoli: 132 426

Computer Associates

Computer Associates International (CA) has launched ARCserve 2000, designed to provide complete serverless backup and integrated virus scanning, cure and automatic signature updates.

According to CA, ARCserve 2000 delivers serverless backup, the "killer application" for SANs, allowing data to be protected with minimal impact on e-business servers. In addition, ARCserve 2000 introduces numerous features designed to provide a comprehensive data protection and management system for Windows NT/2000 servers.

ARCserve 2000 has been designed to resolve the challenges of the Internet age by dramatically easing storage administration and management.

Its features include a Web-style Graphic User Interface for remote, cross-platform, centralised management of all storage-related tasks; integrated virus scanning/curing with automatic signature updates; Windows 2000 support including Active Directory and COM+ database protection, full disaster recovery and active clustering support. Enterprise scalability is enhanced with a remote centralised ARCserve 2000 database. Centralised reporting, review of job logs and device management use a single administrative console.

ARCserve 2000 includes an integrated version of the CA InoculateIT antivirus engine, which automatically scans for viruses during backup and cures them on the fly. In addition, the virus scan engine features automatic updating of the virus signature file, designed to provide protection against the latest viruses.

ARCserve 2000 is currently available throughout Australia. Information on pricing, is available from Computer Associates.

Computer Associates: (02) 9937 0500


Compaq has introduced SANworks Management Appliance designed as a solution for host-independent management of SANs.

The SANworks Management Appliance provides a centralised point for managing and monitoring SAN elements, including switches and storage devices, to simplify management tasks and reduce management costs. Together with the SANworks Resource Monitor and Storage Allocation Reporter applications, the SANworks Management Appliance is designed to be a cost-effective monitoring and storage allocation reporting solution for the multiple platform SAN.

The SANworks Management Appliance is also designed to connect directly to the SAN fabric and performs management functions without involving host computers.

The offering also optimises SAN availability and performance through a strategic location out of the SAN data path. The appliance allows data transfers to proceed independently between computers and storage devices whether the appliance is operating or not.

Residing on the host-independent SANworks Management Appliance, SANworks Resource Monitor provides fault or failure event information and remote notification for the Fibre Channel Fabric SAN. Notification options include remote reporting to the customer via e-mail, alphanumeric page, Web browser user interface, and SNMP Traps. Monitored devices include the Compaq Arrays and switches (RA8000 and the ESA12000).

Included with the SANworks Management Appliance, Open SAN Manager provides a Web-based aggregation and entry point for centralised storage management. This interface allows the user to organise, visualise, configure and monitor storage from a single navigation point on the SAN. Open SAN Manager provides a launch site for a variety of value-added SANworks applications, and provides navigation links to directly manage storage components on the SAN.

Compaq: (02) 9902 5252

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