US athlete or IT product?

US athlete or IT product?

Speed, scalability, flexibility and mission-critical requirements - all of the tech-savvy terms bandied about by the IT industry at any media conference.

Anyone could be mistaken for thinking a new IT product was going to be announced. Oops, it's just the US Olympic track and field team.

Desperate to justify attendance at a media briefing of America's top athletic stars, this Tabloid reporter, holed up in the Sydney Olympics Media Centre, went in search of that elusive IT angle.

Like most leading technology providers in Australia, these athletes are US-based so there was an obvious correlation; and while everyone talks about Internet speed, these guys really know how to set a record pace.

There was certainly plenty of high drama at the briefing, the type of highs and lows experienced by dot-com start-ups hourly, daily, weekly.

US championship sprinter Inger Miller announced she had been forced to withdraw from the 100-metre event due to injury.

Years of blood, sweat and tears out the window only days before track competition at the Sydney Games begins.

It sounds a bit like those dot-com companies who were flying high one day then scrambling for cash the next after that fateful Black Monday in April.

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