Unisys BankWest with Aspect

Unisys BankWest with Aspect

Services arm of IT company Unisys has scored a contract with BankWest to integrate a contact management package into its contact operations centre in Western Australia.

The move follows a recent joint venture between the bank and the services company to form UnisysWest. Split 51 per cent to 49 per cent in favour of Unisys, the joint venture agreement services the bank's IT needs as well as offering its services to the WA enterprise market.

Unisys will partner with vendor Aspect Communications to roll out its Customer Relationship Portal into BankWest's Multimedia Contact Centre. The portal is designed to integrate with BankWest's existing enterprise applications to offer the bank's staff access to customer queries regardless of how the request is received.

Aspect's Customer Relationship Portal is a software platform designed to receive and manage e-mail, phone, fax, and Web queries into a common queue while integrating this information with front-office systems such as Siebel, Vantive and Clarify as well as back-office databases.

Michael Foley, Unisys' general manager of CRM and customer interaction solutions in Australasia, told ARN that being a strategic partner with Aspect as well as BankWest's integrator "worked out well, when BankWest chose Aspect as its contact management solution".

Foley claims the interesting thing about this deal was BankWest's approach to choosing technology.

"Rather than going out to find the best whiz-bang technology, the bank looked at its business problem. Then it found the best technology to solve that problem. That's a lot better than going out and finding some great technology and then trying to solve the business problem around the technology," he said.

Although Foley was reluctant to reveal the dollar value of the deal he did admit it was a "mid-sized deal".

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