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Platform Hosting releases Platform Wholesale - ‘Virtual Service Provider’ solution

  • 11 August, 2003 15:04

<p>Platform Hosting has released a branded Virtual Service Provider (VSP) solution targeted at design houses
and small ISPs.</p>
<p>An alternative to running your own data centre, the VSP solution provides billing &amp; financial management,
customer management, service management and support tools to help remove the need for any internal
systems development before implementation.</p>
<p>“Too many design businesses are not directly benefiting from the ongoing business that their clients’
websites have traditionally provided hosting businesses” says Platform Hosting Senior Partner David
<p>“Our solutions have been designed with maximum flexibility and profit margin for the VSP in mind, while
maintaining quality and value for money to the end user.”</p>
<p>Businesses that currently run their own in house servers stand to benefit most of all from Platform
Hosting’s solution which is far cheaper than maintaining a data centre, telecommunications links, skills and
other technology.</p>
<p>“Companies that currently host sites in house may consider moving production systems externally once
they see the cost benefits of the VSP solution,” says Mr Hooton.</p>
<p>Services are controlled via a web based administration tool, from which you are able to manage every facet of your hosting operation. New plans can be developed, customer support tickets can be managed, new domains purchased, new sites provisioned and much more.</p>
<p>Your customers are also provided with a login to the web administration tool which you can brand with
your company’s logo and colour scheme.</p>
<p>Platform Hosting’s sales team is able to help customers design a solution that best fits their needs. Custom
solutions are available, including managed solutions running on your hardware and bandwidth, the
emphasis being on what will work best for your business.</p>
<p>Sales Contacts: 1300 85 HOST</p>
<p>Media Contact: David Hooton – 0415 850 000</p>

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