News Briefs

News Briefs

LookSmart terminates talks with Telstra

Search directory company LookSmart has terminated current discussions with Telstra over a possible business relationship. LookSmart's brief announcement to the ASX said the discussions had been ended "in order to focus efforts on more immediate opportunities". Michael Herskope, general manager of corporate relations for Telstra retail, said the discussions had been terminated because it had not been possible for the parties to arrive at commerical terms which were acceptable to them both at the present. However, Herskope said the parties were "still very cordial" and wouldn't rule out exploring other arrangements in the future.

Acer's Shih pleads for ‘fair' evaluation of stock

Acer Group chairman and chief executive officer, Stan Shih, last week urged foreign investors to take a long-term view of Acer Inc, the group's core PC-making company that recently has seen its stock price plunge to less than half of its year-to-date high. Addressing foreign investors at the Made in Taiwan conference, Shih pleaded with foreign investors to consider both the company's long-term investments, as well as its core PC business, when evaluating the stock. He claims Acer is seriously undervalued and its company's core PC business is underrated. For the period from January to August, Acer's notebook business has grown at 61 per cent year-on-year, while shipments of Acer-branded PCs grew by 27 per cent, he said.

HP's 32-way net server

Hewlett-Packard (HP) has announced an HP NetServer 32-way server that will ship with Microsoft's Windows 2000 Datacenter operating system. HP's NetServer is designed for as many as 32 Intel Pentium III Xeon processors, as many as 64GB of RAM, and as many as 96 PCI slots. Nevertheless, an 8-way configuration of the server remains the most popular version. Preliminary benchmarking of an 8-way NetServer produced results showing the system can handle as many as 32,000 mail users while running Windows Exchange 2000, which will be the most popular application running on the server in the first six months of availability, according to HP.

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