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Identity & Access Management to Address Internal and External Security Threats: Frost & Sullivan

  • 27 June, 2006 11:17

<p>Confusion between the concepts of IT security and information security, and failure to adequately assess both internal and external threats, are compromising the security of Australian organisations according to a white paper recently published by Frost &amp; Sullivan. The paper, titled Managing the Information Security Risk From People, Both Internal and External, was written by James Turner, Industry Analyst – Security &amp; Services at Frost &amp; Sullivan.</p>
<p>“We really need to distinguish between IT security and information security,” said Turner. “Technology – the hardware and software – is the ‘how’, and information is the ‘what’. Technology is simply the tool we use to control, process and distribute the information.</p>
<p>“The risk in focusing exclusively on technology is that we fail to meet the needs of our ever-changing organisations. Nor do we effectively protect our organisations from ever-changing threats – both internal and external,” he said.</p>
<p>Turner says his company’s 2006 Australian Information Security Satisfaction Monitor (AISSM) found 35 percent of respondents reported that a legitimate network user had accessed information they should not have been permitted to view. Another 16 percent reported that a formerly legitimate network user had maliciously compromised data.</p>
<p>Looking at the external threat, Frost &amp; Sullivan’s Australian Information Security Satisfaction Monitor 2006 found that 22 percent of respondents reportedly had proof that a hacker had penetrated their network, and 36 percent had suspicions that a hacker had penetrated them.</p>
<p>Turner comments that no single security solution can address the range of threats from internal and external sources. He recommends that clearly defined processes are required to control access and activity on corporate networks. Many of these checks and processes can be automated through identity and access management tools – but it is the process that counts.</p>
<p>“We need the process defined and clearly understood before we start deploying the technology,” says Turner.</p>
<p>The need for authentication is growing as more organisations are linking their resources and supply chains are becoming supply webs – intricate and multi-layered relationships that run on trust. Without authentication an organisation cannot establish trusted identities, and without trusted identities it cannot effectively use technology to leverage the skills of its workforce and partners for growth and profit.</p>
<p>“That’s why we should not confuse information security with IT security,” said James Turner. “The data is generally of greater value than the infrastructure (the technology) that stores and manages it. And it is people – both within the organisation and externally – who are often overlooked as a threat to corporate information.”</p>
<p>The full text of the Frost &amp; Sullivan white paper can be downloaded from:</p>
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