What's new from ... Cisco, Nortel, Enterasys, 3Com, Intel, NetGear, D-Link

What's new from ... Cisco, Nortel, Enterasys, 3Com, Intel, NetGear, D-Link


Cisco has designed its Cisco 677 Small Office Home Office (SOHO)/Telecommuter asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) router to provide cost-effective high-speed services to small home offices and users working at home.

A routing, transparent bridging and PPP/ATM feature set allows access to high-speed and secure Internet and corporate services and integrates with ADSL services into corporate or home LANs and WANs. According to the vendor, the router provides a 10/100-BaseT interface for connection to a small, home-office LAN or a single Ethernet-equipped PC.

A built-in Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server automatically assigns IP addresses to PCs on the LAN, and with Port Address Translation (PAT) these PCs can share a single IP address. In addition, with Cisco EZ-DSL no-truck-roll technology, users do not need basic telephone service splitters at the premises, thus reducing the cost of installation.

Also included is a rate-adaptive DSL (Discrete Multi-Tone [DMT]) interface, with maximum receive data rate up to 8024Kbps and transmit data rate up to 864Kbps. Future support for g.lite operation is provided via software download, with a maximum receive data rate up to 1536Kbps and transmit data rate up to 512Kbps.

Other features: ADSL physical connection supports ATM adaptation layer 5 (AAL5) encapsulation, local initialisation/configuration through RJ-45 serial port, status LEDs indicating power/alarm, ADSL connectivity and activity, and Ethernet connectivity and activity The Cisco 677 SOHO/Telecommuter ADSL Router has a retail price of about $1148.

Cisco: (02) 8448 7100,


Nortel Networks' Passport 2430 multiservice access switch is described by the company as a high-performance, flexible, low-cost branch-office router. It has flexible WAN and LAN options as well as two WAN adapter module slots to provide a range of options for WAN requirements. The WAN modules support serial, ISDN BRI (S/T and U), V.34 modem, and T1/FT1, E1/FE1 and 56K CSU/DSU selections. There is also an auto-sensing 10/100 Ethernet LAN. Nortel BayRS software is available for WAN services support, which the vendor says provides cost-effective primary and backup links usage for remote site applications. Nortel Optivity network management applications support node configuration, monitoring, and control. Pricing is available from Nortel Networks' distributor's Web sites.

Nortel Networks: 1800 670 808,


Enterasys' SmartSwitch 8000 routers are based on Gigabit Ethernet technology, offering networks higher performance, enhanced capacity, greater control and investment protection. Aimed at the enterprise and wide area network (WAN) markets, the SmartSwitch combines the high performance of a hardware router with the control and functionality of conventional software routers.

According to the company, the chassis-based SmartSwitch routers combine wirespeed performance, pinpoint control and seamless interoperability with previous generations of networking equipment. The 8000 is a wirespeed layer 4 switch. Packets are routed at wirespeed based on conventional source/destination data or application-level information.

According to Enterasys, the product comes with standard traffic accounting, quality of service prioritisation of packets, and flexible traffic load balancing features.

The SmartSwitch Router also supports Fast Ethernet (up to 112 ports), Gigabit Ethernet (up to 14 ports), FDDI (up to 7 ports), ATM (up to 14 155M ports) and WAN (up to 28 serial ports).

The SmartSwitch Router 8000 starter pack includes a SmartSwitch Router 8000 chassis, two power supplies, the router controller module and 16 100-BaseT Ethernet ports and retails for $24,295. 1800 801 2593Com3Com's SuperStack II Router 400 is a high-performance, multiple-function router designed to provide enterprises with secure, reliable connections to mobile users, branch sites and business partners. The SuperStack II Router 400 includes Virtual Private Networking (VPN) and multiprotocol data routing capabilities in a single platform. 3Com says these capabilities give enterprises maximum flexibility. The SuperStack II Router 400 is designed to provide one scalable solution for multiple connectivity needs: secure remote access for mobile users and telecommuters, secure site-to-site connectivity, multiprotocol routing and a simple software migration path from legacy data networks to more cost-effective VPNs. The RRP of the SuperStack II Router 400 is $8000, including GST.

3Com: 1800 644 606,


Intel's Express 8200 Router is designed to provide branch offices access to the Internet and its corporate LAN. Cost-control mechanisms and security are provided through data compression at speeds up to 2Mbps; ISDN cost-control mechanisms, including AO/DI, callback, timer profiles and accounting; Network Address Translation, Single IP, Dynamic IP; and Authentication, IP/IPX filtering and firewall filters. Other options available from Intel include its Express 8200/9500 VPN Option which allows protected tunnels to be created between LANs across the Internet. The solution is IPSec-based, which allows compatibility with a wide range of networking products.

Intel: 1300 363 018,


NetGear's RT314 Internet access gateway router is aimed at the home and SME networking market. The RT314 is a combination switch and router that creates a full-duplex backbone for the home network so data can be shared locally or across the Internet.

Like its predecessor, the RT311, the RT314 router offers a gateway to secured, high-speed Internet access via DSL or cable modem. According to the company, using a single user account, these Internet gateways allow multiple computers to share the same broadband Internet connection at no additional cost.

The RT314 offers a built-in four-port 10/100Mbps switch, giving four full-speed connections and enabling network expansion.

NetGear's RT314 router has a retail price of about $599.

NetGear: 1800 787 638,


D-Link's DI-206 is an all-in-one small office/branch office router that allows users to send and receive data at 64Kbps or 128Kbps, and send and receive normal telephone calls and faxes over the ISDN BRI line. The DI-206 ISDN router has six built-in Ethernet hub ports and six separate workstations can be connected directly to the ISDN router. One of the ports is an uplink port to connect an additional hub or switch.

The DI-206 ISDN router's features include analog POTS ports, IP routing Web-based configuration program for setup, a setup wizard for the Internet, WWW server configuration, network address translator, an IP pool with dynamic IP assignment for remote users, simultaneous ISDN connection to two locations, and Dial-on-Demand. D-Link's DI-206 ISDN Router retails at $851.

D-Link: (02) 9417 7100,

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