Sprint PCS inks wireless deal

Sprint PCS inks wireless deal

Oracle has announced it received a big vote of confidence in the wireless game when Sprint PCS Group agreed to use the software vendor's wireless applications for the next line of Internet-based wireless services designed by Sprint.

With Sprint PCS serving close to eight million subscribers, the deal stands as the largest to date for Oracle's iAS Wireless Edition software. Sprint implemented the Oracle software in its October 3 launch of the My Wireless Web service and now plans to develop a number of business-to-business wireless applications around the technology.

Oracle claims its iAS Wireless Edition allows Sprint PCS to retrieve information stored in any database or Internet application and deliver the content to any of Sprint's Internet-ready phones. In the past, Sprint might provide a restaurant's location from a yellow pages type of database and then follow with driving directions to the eatery from a separate database. Now, however, it can combine the information in one fell swoop and eliminate a few clicks across the Web, the company claimed in a statement.

Additionally, users can now receive the same information on the entire spectrum of wireless devices. Oracle vowed it can provide content over any network to personal digital assistants (PDAs), wireless phones, hand-held computers and standard telephones. The Oracle wireless software supports hypertext markup language (HTML), wireless markup language (WML), Voice Markup language(VoxML), and wireless application protocol (WAP).

Recently, Sprint PCS teamed with Oracle's bitter rival Microsoft for the delivery of the MSN portal over Sprint Internet-ready phones. While Microsoft previously forged deals with a number of other wireless service providers, it joined up with Sprint after some of its main competitors, including America Online, Yahoo and, provided a suite of services such as stock quotes, e-mail management and composition, and shopping services, via Sprint mobile phones.

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