The crux of it all

The crux of it all

There's nothing like a good sacking, appointment or mysterious disappearance to spark off the channel rumour mill, and the greatest rumour mongers by far are distributors.

While resellers will chew anyone's ear off about the trials and tribulations of dealing with those megalith vendors, let alone the meddlesome middle men, they don't tend to pass comment about each other.

Distribution, on the other hand, is a cutthroat business - you have to keep looking over your shoulder and cover your tracks. Distributors know their business is largely based on reputation and so avail themselves of any opportunity to sully each other's name.

Take for example the fall of Dataflow. It took a record 2.45 seconds for the news to travel through the human ether and reach ARN journalists.

Of course we are not innocent, but hey, journalists are paid to listen in on other people's business then tell the world - THAT IS OUR JOB.

This past week has produced some interesting little tit bits for the channel community's perusal. If you had read the magazine (tut - tut to those who turn directly to Tabloid), you will know that there have been some fairly high profile disappearances of late.

Rumour has it that other interests have been getting in the way of work, rumour has it that a certain predilection for our four-legged friends has been taking too much energy away from the real focus of business, rumour has it that the order was given to shape up or ship out and our channel identity caught the Manly Ferry home (apologies to readers outside Sydney).

If these rumours prove to be true, then what can we say . . . good bye, good luck, may the best horse win and see you at the races.

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