Troublemakers? Tabloid recruits!

Troublemakers? Tabloid recruits!

While IT recruitment has become an industry unto itself of late, recruiting IT journalists is just as much a challenge. We here at ARN Tabloid have been in the hunt for some antagonistic, mischievious journos for some time - And we think we've found them!

The delightfully entertaining struggle between Fairfax journalists and One.Tel management last week has led the Tabloid team to believe that even we have something to learn about causing trouble. Fairfax journalists managed to get One.Tel a slap on the wrist by the ASX on several occasions over some dubious reporting and a major lack of communications skills on the part of One.Tel.

It all started when a Herald journo heard a little bird (namely a Merryl Lynch consultant) mention something about One.Tel planning to sell its GSM network, and tried for a scoop. "Say what?" was the reply from the ASX (which is supposed to find out these things in a more formal manner). Immediately One.Tel demanded a retraction of the story in a statement placed on the ASX, naming the journalist responsible and claiming the contents of the story were grossly misleading.

Then One.Tel got another wrist-slap after CEO Keeling hinted to the Financial Review that there was likely to be an equity injection into One.Tel by Telefonica. Smack! This time the ASX had heard enough, and suspended trading on One.Tel shares.

One.Tel CEO Keeling has now accused the press of reducing he and co-founder Jodee Rich to "one-dimensional caricatures". Hold up Fairfax, that's our job!

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