VIA launches Cyrix reseller program

VIA launches Cyrix reseller program

VIA Technologies has launched a reseller program to help its channel partners with marketing and support.

The VIA Cyrix Direct Connect Reseller Program is an online service which gives resellers access to product information, technical support, updates and marketing tools. It will also connect partners to online ordering of point-of-sales material.

VIA's Cyrix III processor has not made a big impact in the Australian market - Victorian-based chip distributor Gatum Dale is the only company currently supplying the chips.

"A lot of people are interested, but at the moment the industry is very slow," said Gatum Dale's senior sales executive Mohamad M. "But it has only been on the market for a couple of months - I think we need another couple of months for sales to pick up."

The Cyrix III processor typically runs at speeds of 500MHz and features a 133MHz front side bus and 128KB full speed cache. VIA hopes its reseller program will help enhance the company's support levels to its channel partners, particularly those in white box integration where the chip will most likely find most of its market.

"It provides resellers with the fastest and most efficient means of receiving all the latest marketing tools and technical information which will enable them to increase their sales," said VIA Technologies director of sales and marketing, Richard Brown.

The program is available to resellers on a worldwide basis through the VIA Web site at Resellers need to register online to be sent a membership ID entitling them to product information, company and product presentation downloads and point-of-sales collateral orders.

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