What's new from ... Enterasys, Intel, Citrix, Lucent Technologies,

What's new from ... Enterasys, Intel, Citrix, Lucent Technologies,


Enterasys' RiverWorks Tunnel Server (RTS) is designed as a seamless end-to-end solution. It follows Enterasys' recent acquisition of Indus River Networks, with the RTS aimed at enterprise customers.

The RTS is a dedicated private networking (VPN) hardware platform designed to provide high-density tunnel aggregation, network scalability and packet processing of network traffic. Offered in a 6000 capacity for large enterprises, or a 2000 version for small-to-medium businesses, the multi-protocol allows the system to integrate into all network environments, according to the company.

The RTS 6000 server has 5000 simultaneous connections, 30Mbps, 128-bit MPPE with compression and 20Mbps Triple DES. The system is also enabled for site-to-site VPNs between LANs with automatic tunnel recovery. The RTS 2000 allows 500 simultaneous connections, 10Mbps, 128-bit MPPE with compression and 5Mbps Triple DES.

The system is stackable to allow for expansion and has dedicated tunnel processing power and protocol extensions to maximise throughput and response time for users.

Pricing starts from $17,870 including GST, and is available from distributor Avnet Hallmark.

Enterasys: 1800 801 859


Intel has launched a new family of private networking VPN products which can be used to connect remote users to branch offices and business partners over the Internet.

Aimed at corporations, Web hosting companies and other service providers offering managed Internet services, the VPN devices are part of the growing Intel NetStructure series. The NetStructure line includes scalable network control equipment, Internet appliances and services.

The 3130 and 3125 VPN Gateways, the two top end systems, deliver up to 95Mbps of throughput and 10,000 simultaneous tunnels with additional PCI slots in a 4U chassis for the 3130 and a 1U chassis for the 3125.

The 3120 Gateway is built to suit medium-to-large branch offices and offers 20Mbps throughput and 2000 simultaneous tunnels, while the low-end equivalent, 3110 provides 2Mbps and 100 tunnels.

Both the 3130 and 3125 VPN Gateways retail for $US20,995. The 3120 Gateway retails for $US10,995.

Intel is also offering upgrades for its Express 8200 and 9500 routers to allow existing customers to integrate VPN, firewall, wide area network (WAN) access and advanced routing functionality without having to buy additional hardware components. The Gateway line is available in October excepting the 3125, which will hit the market in December. Australian distributors are Express Data and Rosser Communications.

Intel: 1300 363 018\network\


Citrix has announced the release of Citrix Extranet 2.0, a software-based solution designed to provide enterprise-class security across any organisation. Citrix Extranet is a VPN designed to allow customers to securely deploy business-critical applications to their users around the world via the Internet.

According to the company, Citrix Extranet focuses on the challenges of deploying applications quickly and securely to large extranet user populations. Citrix Extranet also integrates with existing Citrix application server environments and existing security infrastructures. It allows the use of third-party authentication systems, such as smart cards, tokens, PKI, and RADIUS and works with all firewalls.

The offering uses On-Line Registration (OLR) to distribute VPN access credentials to remote users. OLR allows shared secret keys and user IDs to be generated without interaction from an administrator, and enables users to begin accessing the system within a few minutes. Looking at the larger picture, Citrix Extranet allows users to connect to applications faster because no special hardware or software needs to be implemented - users just need a Web browser.

Citrix Extranet Admin is designed to give administrators the ability to configure multiple Citrix Extranet servers remotely using the Citrix Extranet client or locally on a Windows NT platform, and provides a two-step client activation process for the establishment of VPN connections by remote users.

Through supporting multiple server and client platforms, Citrix Extranet allows organisations to leverage their existing computing systems and saves the cost of installing and managing expensive, complex leased lines or modem banks, Citrix claims.

The product is available in Australia through distributors Express Data, LAN Systems and Alstom IT.

Server + 15-user base pack is required to activate server. Without subscription advantage, Citrix Extranet retails for $US1485. With subscription advantage, the product retails for $US1785.

Citrix Extranet retails for $US99 per named user without Subscription Advantage Citrix Extranet is $119 US SRP per named user with Subscription Advantage.

Citrix: (02) 8870 0800

Lucent Technologies

Lucent Technologies router-based VPN solution is designed to consolidate the functions of IP routing, IP QoS features, firewall, and VPN tunnelling into two products. The Access Point 450 and Access Point 1000 Multiservice IP Access Routers feature QVPN software. Lucent's Access Point 450 and Access Point 1000 routers are designed for customers with large headquarters or regional and branch locations seeking an integrated, single-box solution for WAN access, routing, and VPN tunnelling. The Access Point 1000 (high-end) and Access Point 450 (mid-range) are designed to combine routing, bandwidth management, VPN and firewalling, without compromising performance.

Deployed on an enterprise network or as a service provider's VPN gateway, the Access Point QVPN sits between the LAN and the WAN. The offering is designed to act as a router and as a VPN gateway establishing tunnels across wide area backbones: IP, frame relay or ATM. Remote dial-up users can also be supported through tunnelling via Internet access. Access Point QVPN applies the same security, QoS and bandwidth management capabilities to remote user traffic.

Access Point QVPN routers provide enterprises and service providers with an effective and scalable solution for extensive deployments of secure remote-access clients.

Access Point routers are designed to enable enterprises to deploy IP routers with integrated IP QoS, VPN security, and firewall functions, reducing investments in multiple secure IP VPN solutions.

Service providers can increase revenue by opening new markets in high-speed Internet access, Web hosting and multi-tenant Internet access service providers and enterprises can offer enhanced security for end-user applications through high-security firewalls.

Lucent's Access Point products range in price from $US4995 to $13,495 for base units. Additional WAN/LAN interface cards and memory upgrade options range from $US500 to $11,500. These prices represent RRP before landed costs and discounts.

The Australian master distributor is Express Data.

Lucent Technologies: (03) 9656 7000

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