Datec opens Sydney doors

Datec opens Sydney doors

A new player has entered the distribution market place with UK-based Datec Electronics opening its Asia-Pacific offices in Sydney.

Datec is a component-trading company with offices worldwide, that sources products from one market for sale to PC assemblers in another. The company deals in components such as memory, graphics cards, processors, hard drives, CD-ROMs, CD-RWs, DVD drives and DVD motherboards.

Datec works with manufacturers to solve excess stock and purchasing problems, and will target both integrators and OEMs.

"When there is an over-supply we will buy stock and when there is an under supply we will sell stock," said Datec's operations manager, David Mogan.

The company has been operating in Australia for almost three weeks. Operations in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Australia will all come under the Asia-Pacific banner.

Datec has a $US250 million turnover in the US and $500 million in the UK, where it has been operating for more than 17 years.

"Because our purchasing power is so great, we can supply the product cheaply then distribute it with full warranty. It gives assemblers extra margins to put to the bottom line of their business."

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