Mixed message for Borland channel

Mixed message for Borland channel

As if the back-flip on its own name wasn't confusing enough, Borland's top dogs appear unsure about the value of its channel partners.

The design software company, formerly known as Borland, changed its name to Inprise to reflect its movement into enterprise server software, only to return to the Borland brand name under its new management.

Loyal customers, or "Borlanites" as they are affectionately called, have always referred to the company as Borland, according to CEO Dale Fuller. Speaking at the Borcon conference in Sydney, Fuller said he never would have changed the name in the first place if he had been in control of the company at the time.

While customers scratch their heads over the company name, Asia-Pacific vice president Ray Bradbury talked of ramping up Borland's services division and how many enterprise customers preferred the direct support of Borland rather than the use of its partners.

"Big enterprises don't want to have to manage lots of suppliers, they want us to manage everything so they've got one group to kick so to speak," he said. Borland has its own services staff on-site at several of its larger accounts, and considers the model such a success, Bradbury wishes to take the model elsewhere in the region.

Fuller and COO Doug Barre assured Borland partners that systems integrators and resellers still formed an important part of the company's strategy.

"We aren't going to be the systems integrator for everybody," said Fuller. "We want to leverage our System Integrators to better serve our customers."

"We are a software company, we're not about going out taking the business of Systems Integrators," said Barre.

According to Bradbury, over 35 per cent of Borland's revenues in the Asia-Pacific come from services, and 20-30 per cent from enterprise products. A significant amount of revenues are also expected to come from direct sales of development tools over the Internet.

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