Finding the key with DBZ

Finding the key with DBZ

It's a long leap from the education to computer sector. But Melbourne-based distributor Divisible By Zero (DBZ) found that sometimes one market leads right into another.

"We didn't start life as an IT distributor," said DBZ director David Brennan, who explained that the company has been distributing educational products for more than two years. "The education market is quite different. The main difference is the margin side of things - and the whole business is very cut-throat."

When the company began distributing DataDesk's LittleFingers keyboard to help children learn computing, other products soon followed and DBZ now distributes a range of DataDesk keyboards for both the Mac and PC platforms.

"As soon as LittleFingers appeared in Australia, people wanted other DataDesk products," Brennan explained.

The increasing demand for USB connectivity means that DZB will offer USB LittleFingers keyboards and plans to expand this throughout the entire product range.

"DataDesk has been making keyboards for umpteen years - they made the first extended keyboard for the Mac". The keyboards are designed for the professional market for users who spend many hours in front of their computers.

Brennan's business grew out of the need for more variety among those who find the generic keyboard don't suit their needs.

"For example, with a conventional keyboard, younger children have no option than to two-finger type, but with LittleFingers they can reach the keys and with all the press about ergonomic products it is very important."

DBZ also distributes an ergonomic keyboard which uses mechanical key switches rather than membranes, and is endorsed by the world's fastest typer and the Noteboard - a fully functional keyboard designed to be used over laptops.

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