D-Link tuning into wireless markets

D-Link tuning into wireless markets

After waiting three weeks since D-Link's announcement of its foray into the wireless market, the channel can finally expect the vendor's products to begin filling distributor shelves.

D-Link has brought to the market a new PCMCIA and PCI card, USB adaptor and access point with 11Mbps wireless network connectivity to target the home and corporate markets.

The products will have a cell coverage of around 100 metres indoors, with a range of 300 metres outside providing there is a clear line of sight. The PCMCIA adaptor (DWL-650) retails for around $452, while the DWL-120 (USB adaptor) retails for $502. The DWL-500 PCI adaptor will set an end user back about $675, while the DWL-1000 access point will have a retail price of $1367 (all prices include GST).

Maurice Famularo, D-Link marketing and channel manager Australia/New Zealand, claims the vendor's offerings will compete with similar wireless products on a price performance ratio, with D-Link's products around half the cost of its competitors.

In addition, Famularo points towards D-Link's roadmap for future wireless development, its existing standing in the market, the loyalty shown by some of its resellers and customers, and its warranty programs as reasons why he thinks D-Link, and subsequently the channel, will be successful.

Despite his optimism, Famularo remains realistic about the adoption rate of wireless products, predicting a slow start before the market takes off.

To monitor the adoption rate of its wireless products, as well as spearheading its corporate and home markets, D-Link has released a bundled not-for-resale demonstration offering worth around $1800. Resellers will be able to purchase the bundle for $999, which contains a range of D-Link wireless offerings.

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