Retail Solutions Briefs:, EU, Sony, Xircom

Retail Solutions Briefs:, EU, Sony, Xircom forges alliance with

Creating a broad, integrated selection of CDs, DVDs and videos, and eBay company recently announced a strategic alliance to combine their offerings. will bring its experience in selling fixed-price, used goods in the person-to-person market place to's large base of customers.

The alliance makes all CD, DVD and video offerings from available for purchase at through a co-branded entertainment market place. In addition, US-based customers will be able to sell their used CDs, DVDs and videos through the market place.

The used merchandise market place will be featured in the partner centre and will be listed on both the site and the site.

EU seeks tariff parity

According to Sony, the company plans to appeal a decision by UK Customs and Excise to classify its PlayStation 2 console as a video game for the purpose of assessing European Union (EU) import duties.

The European Commission said the PlayStation 2 video game from Sony Computer Entertainment should be classified for tariff purposes in the same way as its arch rival Sega Enterprises' Dreamcast - as a video game.

Sony argues the Playstation 2 shouldn't be treated like the Sega Dreamcast because it is more than a video game.

Video games imported into the EU incur a 2.2 per cent import duty, while computer imports carry none. Sony wants the console treated as a computer - a move that would cut the cost of the PlayStation 2 in Europe by about $US10.

Xircom makes tiny claims

Xircom last week laid claim to offering the smallest personal data assistant (PDA).

The US-based company introduced its REX 6000 MicroPDA which is credit-card size, weighs 40 grams and will start shipping next month with a price of $US149, the company said in a statement. Xircom's REX 6000, a Type II PC Card, has a touch screen and stylus to place data into its calendar, address book, to-do list and memo board.

The REX 6000 MicroPDA comes with 2MBps of storage, five navigation buttons for one-handed operation and a black-and-white LCD screen.

The REX 6000 can be synchronised with a PC by inserting it into a notebook PC card slot or a USB cradle.

It also synchronises with Microsoft's Outlook and other Personal Infor-mation Management (PIM) software packages.

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