Opticon goes on the lookout for resellers

Opticon goes on the lookout for resellers

The GST has not just proven a boon for retail accounting software and point of sale systems.

With businesses updating their computer systems in the run-up to the compliance deadline, data capture device sales have also skyrocketed and the growth looks set to continue, according to Opticon state manager Ken Comerford.

"It is a bit of a boom and we expect it to continue," he said. "Based on our New Zealand experience, the increase in demand lasted for around two years."

Opticon manufactures barcode readers for the retail market and OEMs, and is looking to expand its reseller base.

"With the GST implementation, small businesses in particular have realised it is a good idea to automate their accounting procedures - it is especially relevant to point of sales procedures and one way to streamline this is to implement barcode systems," Comerford said.

Opticon also deals in a fairly specialised product range and its relevance across different industries means more than ever the company is relying on resellers to advise its clients.

"Because the businesses which use this equipment are relatively varied, an organisation requiring point of sale systems will go to a reseller as first contact. Also, small and medium companies may not know where to go for elements such as asset tracking and they look to their local dealer for advice."

IT resellers can easily integrate Opticon equipment with both mainframe servers and PCs without the need for high-level training and specialisation, according to the company.

"It is not really a steep learning curve, which is why we want to increase our base because it is easy for the channel to support," Comerford explained. "Integration issues only apply to around a third of our product range. The other two thirds are fairly simple - plug and play connection. It is probably the simplest integration of all peripherals because there are no drivers to install. That makes up the bulk of our business."

Opticon provides dealers with support staff and programs to develop systems and software, either writing product software or providing tools for resellers to put together systems.

The company has also released two new products, including its OPL 6735 laser gun scanner and will distribute a range of SATO label printers.

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