e-Horror story

e-Horror story

This Tabloid journalist always wanted to be a scriptwriter. Lately, my creativity has focused on the channel, but deep down I always wanted to write the screenplay for a horror film. So I've decided to pitch an idea to Wes Craven, the filmmaker responsible for the more successful horror films of late. Anyway, here's my effort so far, I just need names for the characters. Give me some tips for when I hit the big-time. The story goes like this . . .

A group of board directors sit around the table of a young, glamorous Internet company. They have just received news from their financial advisors that the company is in some serious financial trouble and needs to sell off assets fast to stay afloat. As they sell them off, a group of masked investors enters stage left with a $34 million rescue package to save the troubled company. There is much rejoicing, and several of the masked investors are appointed to the board.

In the following weeks, strange things start to happen on the set. The cast wake up one morning to find one of the directors has vanished. Shoulders shrug, the show rolls on. A week later, the cast awake to discover another character is missing, this time their CEO. Within days, a board member residing in New York vanishes. The next week, another non-executive director disappears.

There are only two board members left that are not wearing masks. One is a television personality and the other is the son of a former Prime Minister. But I'll leave the story there - I think their fate should be decided in the sequel. The trick to a good story is leaving people wanting more information . . .

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