Microsoft touts radical partner philosophy

Microsoft touts radical partner philosophy

"Don't worry, it will happen." Microsoft's enterprise partner group director Jane Huxley appears certain in her resolve.

The channel is undergoing a fundamental change as a result of the Internet, and Huxley believes one day some Microsoft customers will become partners.

"In the .NET world there are a whole bunch of people who are customers who become partners," she explained.

Speaking to ARN at Com Tech's Forum X conference in Coolum at the weekend, Huxley said the most obvious companies to fall into this category are telcos like Telstra, Optus and Vodafone.

However, other customers that may become resellers or partners include Government organisations like local councils.

She explained how traditional lines between customer, channel and IT vendor will continue to blur.

"And that's really scary to think about."

Mark Jones travelled to Forum X as a guest of Com Tech.

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