Dataquest: PDA shipments down

Dataquest: PDA shipments down

Worldwide PDA shipments declined by more than 2 per cent in the third quarter of 2002 compared to last year, according to a revised survey released by Dataquest, a unit of research company Gartner, which based the new count on restated figures from HP.

HP said the number of units it shipped worldwide was actually 89,000 fewer than previously reported, a decline of about 23 per cent, due to a discrepancy in its tabulations, Dataquest said. The revision means that the worldwide PDA (personal digital assistant) market experienced a decline of 2.4 per cent, rather than the 0.9 per cent growth reported earlier this week.

"Based on this new information, market growth rates have declined, showing that the PDA industry is struggling more than previously reported," said Todd Kort, principal analyst with Gartner Dataquest.

The revision knocks HP to the number-three position in the handheld market worldwide and boosts Sony to the second seat. Palm retained its leading position with 31.7 per cent share, shipping 808,805 units. Sony shipped less than half that to capture 13.5 per cent of the market. HP, with its flagship iPaq line of handhelds, took 11.5 per cent of the market, Dataquest reported.

Sony showed some of the biggest gains year on year, as its market share grew 280 per cent from the third quarter of 2002. Tokyo-based Toshiba also reported big gains compared to the third quarter of 2001. Its share grew by 1,705 per cent to take the number-four seat with 5.7 per cent market share.

Total worldwide unit shipments reached 2.55 million, down from 2.62 million in the third quarter of 2001.

The survey does not account for shipments of new converged phone-PDA devices such as Handspring's Treo Communicator, Dataquest said.

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