EDS opens its Syrinx larynx overseas

EDS opens its Syrinx larynx overseas

EDS is set to bolster Syrinx's growth in the international market after it agreed to promote the Australian-based speech recognition vendor's wares to its global customers.

The partnership is part of EDS's mandate with the Federal Government to ensure a portion of its sales are export based. Under the agreement, the services giant leads an Australian initiative to promote independent software vendors throughout its offices worldwide.

According to Paul Luketich, business alliances manager at Syrinx, the partnership is a coup for the speech company that recently received a research and development grant of $2.16 million from the Department of Industry, Science and Tourism.

However, Syrinx was put on the map when it provided a voice recognition system for the Commonwealth Bank's brokerage subsidiary ComSec last year. Similarly, EDS is the Commonwealth Bank's chief outsourcing provider, and with this partnership Syrinx is looking to significantly advance its international growth, claimed Luketich.

"By partnering with EDS we will gain access to the large global companies most likely to use our technology. This is something we would find very difficult to do on our own," he added.

Under the terms of the agreement, Syrinx will provide EDS with the technology, training and expertise required to install Syrinx's voice recognition solution - Speechmaster.

"This technology is quite a difficult thing to implement," said Luketich. "It's only part of a whole [networked] solution, so it's important that Syrinx partner with [integrators] to implement it."

The alliance comes at a time when Syrinx is also expanding its physical presence in Australia, adding another floor to its North Sydney office, while it appointed a new CEO to the helm.

"Taking a new floor for office space is hardly news in itself. The news is the fact that this is an Australian company playing very successfully in a ferocious global market," says Clive Summerfield, founder of Syrinx.

Over the next 12 months, Syrinx expects to grow from 85 staff in Australia to more than 140. One such employee is Steve Watt, who came in as the company's CEO this month.

Watt was the executive vice president of international operations and corporate strategy for software integrator Portera Systems in Seattle.

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