What's new from ... Stallion, Netcomm, Western Multiplex, Lucent

What's new from ... Stallion, Netcomm, Western Multiplex, Lucent


Brisbane-based communications company Stallion has released its ePipe 2100 series of Internet gateways aimed at SMEs.ePipe 2100 bonds up to eight Internet connections, delivering performance that scales from 33.6Kbps up to 512Kbps, without the limitations imposed by ISP-provisioned Multilink PPP, which is usually limited to ISDN 128Kbps connections. This is achieved using Stallion's patent-pending End to End Bonding (E2B) technology, which operates independently of ISP infrastructure.

Stallion believes ePipe to be the first product in the world to offer both scalable bandwidth Internet access and scalable bandwidth site to site virtual private network (VPN) connections without special carrier or ISP provisioning.

Furthermore, ePipe 2100 is said to be able to deliver a reliable Internet-enabled alternative to traditional WANs that can be deployed globally without special carrier or ISP provisioning.

Stallion claims to be able to deliver cost savings of 70 to 80 per cent over traditional ISDN, Frame Relay and other leased line connections.

The ePipe 2148 is priced from $1495 RRP, while the 8 port ePipe 2188 is priced from $1695 RRP. Both are available now.'s largest modem manufacturer, Netcomm has released its Wireless LAN Access Point base station, offering customers a fully functioning wireless office. Mobile users of any portable device such as notebook and handheld terminals that are within the range of the radio signal can connect to the network instantly. By installing multiple Access Points, the wireless network coverage can be expanded for different areas whenever required - whether it's in the boardroom, warehouse or even throughout the building. Security is controlled by authenticating users via a "MAC Security Control" and an optional encryption of data packets. The MACs will identify the portable devices that are allowed to access the network so all other devices are blocked, according to the company. The Wireless LAN Access Point also has the flexibility and capacity to support up to 20 or more portable devices simultaneously.

The RRP for the Access Point base station is $ MultiplexAdelaide-based wireless networking specialist Integrity Data Systems is now distributing Western Multiplex's Tsunami Gigabit Ethernet Bridge, which it describes as a wireless fibre optic network capable of running 100 times faster than conventional office networks.

The Gigabit Ethernet Bridge is designed to enable data-intensive applications to operate wirelessly over a distance as great as 10km. Organisations such as geographically dispersed university campuses, manufacturing sites and corporate offices can be linked by one gigabit network running over unlicensed radio spectrum via the Tsunami Gigabit Ethernet Bridge.

This solution is designed to deliver high-bandwidth application support between sites for a fraction of the cost of leasing, let alone laying, a fibre optic cable link.

According to the company, the Tsunami Gigabit Bridge, which has data rates of 480 and 760Mbps, will provide telecommunication carriers with a broad-bandwidth, high-speed pipe that can be deployed rapidly where cabling is too expensive or cannot be used due to the terrain. ISPs can also deploy the Tsunami Ethernet Gigabit Bridge to eliminate carrier costs.

Pricing is yet to be set for the product in TechnologiesLucent has released a high-speed wireless Internet connectivity kit for home and SOHO users, enabling the sharing of various computer peripherals from anywhere within the office, according to the company.

Operating in the unlicensed 2.4GHz band, the system has been designed to let users roam up to 150 metres at 11Mbps, indoors or outdoors.

It provides Internet Sharing using Network Address Translation (NAT). It includes a built-in 56Kbps modem that provides Internet access through a regular phone line and also supports an Ethernet(r) port that allows connection to a broadband cable, xDSL, or ISDN modem. The RG-1000 supports Wi-Fi compliant PC cards. The connectivity kit is priced at $890 RRP, including

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