Network Solutions Briefs: Sony, Comdex

Network Solutions Briefs: Sony, Comdex

Sony wireless adapter

Sony is expected to announce shortly a new cellular adaptor and companion wireless service for its recently launched Clie personal digital assistant.

The new cellular adaptor will clip onto the back of the Clie and connect to the device through the MemoryStick port. The all-in-one unit will allow access to the Internet through a service to be offered through GoAmerica. That service will support both CDPD (Cellular Digital Packet Data) and Ricochet data services, said a spokeswoman for Sony.

Sony launched the Clie, which runs the Palm operating system, in Japan in August. The new adaptor will mark the first use of Sony's proprietary MemoryStick format for functions other than memory.

NZ ISPs to tap e-mail

Most New Zealand ISPs are technically ready to tap users' e-mail should Government agencies demand it, says Cisco Systems engineer Arron Scott. "Some ISPs would have to ensure their network would allow this kind of analysis. Most mail clients are based on Post Office protocol which downloads the e-mail to the client and then deletes it from the server."

He has not seen the legislation currently with a select committee, which would allow security services the right to access e-mail with a warrant. From a hardware point of view, however, it shouldn't be difficult, he says.

Scott says to intercept the e-mail, the ISP would have to modify the mail server to save that data. Whether ISPs would be willing to bear the cost though, is another matter.

Currently, if the police or security services want to access a voice call they contact Telecom New Zealand with a warrant and Telecom bills them on a cost recovery basis only.

Wireless at Comdex proves to be an evolutionComdex 2000 show goers saw evolutionary rather than revolutionary wireless and handheld products in Las Vegas last week, according to analysts and vendors.

Though Bluetooth personal area networking technology - designed to use the airwaves to hook printers to laptops, for example - had the buzz a year ago with products expected by the end of this year, vendors will still be exhibiting devices you can only look at rather than buy.

In the handheld device arena, Palm unveiled new wireless developments as well as providing a "sneak-peek" at a new Palm portal.

Meanwhile, wireless LANs operating on the widely adopted 802.11B standard have reached a level of maturity not seen in other wireless products at Comdex.

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