Retail Solutions Briefs: Ozisoft, Retail exchange, Kmart

Retail Solutions Briefs: Ozisoft, Retail exchange, Kmart

Ozisoft's Driver 2

crashes into stores

If you spy a red 1974 Buick cruising the streets, never fear - it is most likely the promotional vehicle for software distributor Ozisoft which launched its new PlayStation 1 game, Driver 2, last week.

Driver 2, Back on the Streets has debuted just in time for Christmas and can be played on both PS1 and PS2 consoles, although players will not see any increase in performance on Sony's much-awaited new console offering.

The undercover cop Tanner and the crime world's fastest getaway driver are back on the streets in the follow up to PlayStation's Driver. Like it's predecessor, Driver 2 features a high-speed car chase through the streets of four cities.

Driver features life-like attributes such as realistic car handling, complete with damage modelling and smashes. The games also feature dual-player mode and cut scenes throughout the gameplay.

Retail exchange recruits executives

The WorldWide Retail Exchange has named two new senior officials - Don Norman as chief information officer and Robert Heaton as chief financial officer. The announcements follow the appointment of Colin Dyer as CEO on September 1.

Norman was director of IT and acting CEO of Harrods in London. Before that, he was senior vice president and CIO of Kmart. Heaton spent 13 years at Target in finance and operations, reaching the level of vice president of financial planning and analysis.

In an interview last month, Gerald Storch, president of financial services and new businesses at US-based Target, said he expects the WorldWide Retail Exchange's digital supply chain to be fully operational early next year. He said the exchange expects to handle $US600 billion in sales annually.

US chain moves into PCs

US discount chain Kmart and its online retail partner will market the BlueLight True Blue PC via its Web site and at most Kmart stores.

The True Blue PC sells for $US500 and has an Intel Celeron 633MHz processor, 32MB of memory, a 7.5GB hard drive, a CD-ROM drive and a 56Kbps modem. It comes bundled with Microsoft Windows 98 and Microsoft Works. also offers a few online-only configurations of the PC bundle. An upgraded version of the PC with 64MB of memory sells for $550 at the site.

The True Blue PC is the first PC Kmart has offered in its stores since a trial run with the Amiga PC in the 80s. Since then, stores have offered only accessories such as printer cables.

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