What's new from ... Sola, MGE UPS Systems, APC, Marm, Liebert, Upsonic

What's new from ... Sola, MGE UPS Systems, APC, Marm, Liebert, Upsonic


Sola is a global manufacturer of uninterruptible power systems which protect computers, information networks, and other critical systems from power-line disturbances. Sola is a unit of General Signal Corporation, a leading manufacturer of quality products serving the process control, electrical control and industrial technology industries throughout the world.

Designed to provide cost-effective power protection to the entry level market, the Sola 305 is a compact, five-outlet UPS/filter with telephone/modem TVSS.

In keeping with the Sola 300 UPS line, the Sola 305 is intended to provide inexpensive power protection for PCs and individual workstations.

The compact Sola 305 UPS includes features such as modem TVSS protection and multiple Australian outlets to protect critical loads from blackouts, brownouts, noise, lightning, surges, spikes and sags. Optional software and shut-down communication capabilities protect valuable data from corruption and loss.

The Sola 305 units feature three uninterruptible power protection outlets and two surge suppression outlets, compact design for wall or floor mounting, visual and audible warnings, and cold start capability.

The Sola 305 is covered by a two-year limited warranty against factory or workmanship defects.

The Sola 305 range is currently available in Australia includes three models the 305 25VA, the 305 425VA and the 305 600VA which retail at $182.60, $280.50 and $371.80 respectively. The monitoring software for Sola 305 UPS retails for $19.80, all prices included.

Sola: (03) 9706 5662

MGE UPS Systems

MGE UPS Systems has launched the Pulsar Ellipse range which it describes as a new generation of UPSs. This includes 10 models from 300 to 1200 VA designed for PC and Mac users at home or in the office.

The SOHO consumer focus has led MGE to make the new models attractive and functional.

With a new design, MGE is promoting the Pulsar Ellipse for its mixture of performance and good looks.

The Pulsar Ellipse range combines maximum protection and backup time in a minimum amount of space. High-frequency power-conversion technology and the new extra-thin high-power battery reduce the weight and size of the UPS but not the protection it offers computers, according to the company.

Ellipse is the first range of USB UPSs. Certified by the USB Implementers Forum, Pulsar Ellipse offers connection to a PC or a Mac and integrates within the Windows 2000 energy-management system.

In addition, these UPSs include special protection for data lines. Via the Data-line protection port, Pulsar Ellipse also keeps out over-voltages and disturbances transmitted over fax and modem lines or computer networks (Ethernet, etc).

Pulsar Ellipse UPSs are designed to be user-friendly, with a simple plug-in protection for the computer, monitor and modem. Peripheral equipment not requiring backup power can be protected against over-voltages using the special surge-only outlets.

Pulsar Ellipse can sit upright on a desk or flat under the monitor to free precious work space (14, 15, 17 and 19 inch monitors up to 25 kilograms).

To protect the environment, MGE UPS SYSTEMS (certified ISO 14001) designs and manufactures its UPSs with recyclable materials in its factories in France and the US. The batteries are removable for easy collection at the end of their service life.

The Ellipse range is currently available in Australia. The Ellipse 300 retails at $180 and the Ellipse 500 at $240, including GST.

MGE: (02) 9877 6344


APC has introduced the Back-UPS Pro 420kVA line for the protection of applications, peripherals and data in the SME and SOHO market. The range has been designed for high-performance PC users to ensure continuous systems availability from common power disturbances.

The new APC Back-UPS Pro 420 kVA includes a range of features including unattended file-saving software integrated with Windows 98/NT/2000. This feature integrates with Windows 98/NT/2000 power management application to automatically save files and shut down the PC in the event of an extended power outage.

Three battery back-up outlets and one surge-only outlet offer increased multi-path protection for peripherals. The APC offering also protects voice and data telephone lines commonly used to access the Internet or company LANs, the company claims.

It also continuously conditions raw utility power coming into the PC, increasing UPS efficiency and lengthening battery life.

The APC Back-UPS Pro 420kVA also includes requisite safety features that users should expect from any reliable power protection product. These are user-replaceable batteries, push-button/resettable overload protection, audible alarms to alert the user of power problems or battery depletion, and a building wiring fault indicator.

The Back-UPS Pro 420kVA has a recommended retail price of $565 and is currently available throughout Australia.

APC: (02) 8923 9331


Marm's Personal Range is comprised of the OFYS 320 and 520, and the EGYS 420 and 620VA. These models represent a solution to electrical power supply problems for the home, SOHO and small business PC environments. This range of UPSs have been designed specifically to protect the sensitive equipment in a small modern office or home office and can take anything from a standard configuration PC to a multimedia system or small server.

A back-up battery is activated when interruptions to the mains power supply occur, thus guaranteeing continuity of the electrical feed. This avoids data loss, interruption of an operation or, even worse, permanent damage to your system's hardware. For longer blackouts, the Personal UPS gives you time to save all your data and shut the session down, according to the company. With the 420VA and 620VA models, this can be done automatically through Windows environment software, supplied as a standard with these models.

Special filters ensure permanent suppression of over-voltages and transient mains irregularities that could damage the equipment. Also available on the 420VA and 620VA models through two RJ45 jacks is a circuit for protection against over-voltages and data line noise that are potentially damaging to network adapter cards or the telephone modem.

The most compatible solution for office environments, UPS Personal is a compact, ergonomic UPS, of attractive design and colour, silent and easy to install.

The OFYS is an entry level model designed for the home PC environment. The EGYS 420 and 620 come with software and modem protection as standard features, providing the extra protection necessary in the SOHO marketplace including those with a small server, the company claims.

The OFYS 320 or 520 retails for $272, including GST, while the EGYS 420 or 620, which include software and modem protection retail at $332, including GST.

Marm: (02) 9531 1999


The PowerSure personal UPS is Liebert's entry level UPS designed for SOHO and SME applications. These 300 and 500VA UPSs provide one-on-one protection, with integral features normally found only in larger, more expensive systems, according to the company.

The PowerSure Personal combines filtering of noise and transients, battery back-up, and communications capabilities in a compact lightweight package. The microprocessor-based system protects the connected equipment as it is being used with two-level overload protection and continuous battery monitoring.

The "black start" capability lets the UPS and the connected computer equipment start from the battery during a power outage, providing sufficient time to complete a critical task. Monitoring and shutdown management software is available free and the Personal comes complete with communications port and interconnecting SiteNet Multilink cable.

Four or more minutes of battery back-up, EMI/RFI filtering to FCC Class B, lightning and surge protection for all outlets, stepped sinewave output, wide input voltage range, automatic battery testing, continuous battery monitoring, continuous overload monitoring, and a two-year warranty, all come as standard features with the PowerSure range.

The Liebert PowerSure range is currently available throughout Australia and retails for $175, including GST.

Liebert: 1800 622 274


The new Upsonic Power Guardian UPS is designed for the SOHO market, following on from its PC Might personal UPS product.

PowerGuardian offers what Upsonic describes as Line Interactive design, incorporating Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR). According to the company, this is the same circuitry you would find on equipment protecting critical data centres and servers in large corporations.

The AVR circuit is designed to protect the battery from wear as it is designed to manage the more frequent types of power disturbances such as brown outs, voltage surges and many others, without having to use the battery energy.

The Power Guardian also features surge and spike suppression and noise filtering to provide continuous power protection under all operating conditions Upsonic claims. In the event of total power failure, the UPS can supply an average workstation with 12-15 minutes of instantaneous battery backup.

The Australian-approved telephone /modem line filter situated on the rear of the UPS ensures the Power Guardian is not only vigilant over disturbances entering via the utility power line, but is also on-guard against similar problems entering through the modem connection.

The Power Guardian 325VA has enough power to care for today's computers and plenty in reserve for future upgrades. It's also available in a 500VA version for those who may want to network a couple of PCs, according to the company.

The Guardian comes bundled with UPSCommander monitoring software for automatic system shutdowns and is available for Linux-based operating platforms as well as Windows.

The Power Guardian is currently available throughout Australia. The 325VA retails at $187 and the 500VA version retails at $214.50, including GST.

Upsonic: (02) 9804 0044

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