Web Development Briefs: eBay, Needa, Microsoft, Internet worm

Web Development Briefs: eBay, Needa, Microsoft, Internet worm

eBay releases API

Online auction house eBay has launched a developer program to enable developers at other companies to build applications based on eBay's technology.

In a surprise move for an e-tailer, eBay is allowing a select group of third-party developers to access its API kit to integrate the eBay commerce engine into their sites Partner site developers will be able to use eBay's API to integrate eBay's auction capabilities into their site, and gain access to eBay's 19 million-strong developer base.

The API release will also allow eBay and its partners to expand the service onto new wireless devices such as phones and PDAs. The developer program includes sample source code, a certification process and technical support. Additional information about the scheme can be viewed at developer.ebay.comNeeda Solutions forges alliance with MicrosoftNeeda Solutions has announced it has signed an alliance agreement with Microsoft. Needa Solutions chairman Bob Annells said there were strong synergies between Microsoft's .Net vision and Needa's revolutionary services procurement system. "In the future, we believe that a B2B marketplace will only succeed if it is a one-stop shop, offering a complete solution for businesses." Annells said for this to work, different technologies need to interact and communicate with each other in a seamless fashion, which is what he believed both .Net and Needa were all about. In October, Needa launched an Internet-based procurement system aimed at businesses trying to find business or legal expertise. Needa also plans to launch services in other areas, such as accounting, IT, marketing and human Internet wormA new Internet worm, dubbed Romeo and Juliet, has been given a low-risk rating by antivirus software companies. The Trojan horse program, which is hidden in an HTML format e-mail message, carries two attached files that are executed automatically when an infected message is opened on PCs running Microsoft's Windows operating system, and e-mail client software such as Outlook. Romeo and Juliet, also known as Verona or BleBla, arrives in an e-mail message with one of the following subject lines: "Romeo&Juliet", ":))))))", "hello world", "!!??!?!?", "subject", "ble bla, bee", "I Love You ;)", "sorry...", "Hey you !", "Matrix has you...", "my picture" or "from shake-beer".

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