ON THE SHELF: 3M, Logitech, OziSoft

ON THE SHELF: 3M, Logitech, OziSoft

Renaissance Mouse

3M doesn't normally go in for computer mice, but the company has launched its ergonomic Renaissance Mouse, endorsed by the Chiropractors' Association of Australia.

Although it looks more like a joystick than a mouse, 3M stresses the device is not for gaming. The mouse is operated using a handshake grip, which can reduce muscle disorders and discomfort from too many hours in front of a computer. According to the company, it achieves this by allowing natural movement of the arm and keeping it positioned so the operator uses the large muscles in the arm rather than the small one in the fingers of the hand.

The Renaissance Mouse is sold in two sizes. Mouse clicks are accomplished by pressing a two-way button with either side of the thumb and the mouse features a scrolling button which is operated through the handle. The product retails for $89 and connects via USB or serial port. It is available for both PC and Macintosh miceLogitech has launched a new product category with the release of the iFeel mouse range. The mice bring a tactile experience to the computing environment by producing feedback as the cursor moves over Windows icons and tool bars, according to the company. The range features two devices - the contoured iFeel MouseMan, based on Logitech's wheel design, and the iFeel Mouse. The optical products retail for $139 and $99 respectively.

The mice use TouchSense technology and software licensed from Immersion, coupled with Logitech hardware and electronics components.

The mice are designed to simulate real-world experience by using touch as a guide, according to the company.www.logitech.comMike Tyson BoxingAs Sony prepares to launch its anticipated PlayStation 2, games distributor OziSoft has launched a new title for Sony's former gaming console, Mike Tyson Boxing from Codemasters.

The game, which can also be played on the new console, features four different modes of play such as training mode and showcase boxing. It also boasts character animation that comprises gameplay for around 90 characters, including the game's namesake, Mike Tyson. According to developers, the physics-based engine allows for more freedom of movement in the ring.

Two dozen of the fighters can be controlled directly throughout three weight divisions. Each character has 12 different punches which can be used in combinations throughout the game. The game will retail for around $

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