Go you ladies of the channel

Go you ladies of the channel

Channel sisters are doing it for themselves this week. Ms Janet Dobson of NetStar fame took line honours in revealing last week's mystery man as the suave and debonaire Wayne Bogart of specialist network distributor Anixter. It would seem also that Mr Bogart is quite a popular channel figure, with one of our entries describing him as "the lovely Mr Bogart" (don't worry your identity is safe with us). His popularity among the female channel community raised several pairs of Tabloid eyebrows, as he set new records for the number of women responding to a Tabloid competition.

Special mention also goes out to Karen Campbell, account manager at Express Data, who pointed out that we had yet to run any mystery channel chicks.

This week ARN is waving the suffragette flag and pulling out a mystery female channel personality. Unlike previous weeks, there is no tell-tail background, just a big smile.

Some people who aren't smiling are Peter Pollari of Nortel, and David Milson of Image Scan, despite being first class channel hounds and winning some much sought-after ARNnet paraphernalia, they forgot to provide us with their details. So, if you are still out there Peter and David, please drop us a line at Oddly enough, this is the same address you should send info to if you pick this week's channel personality. Remember, a flouro ARNnet mug and serious blue ARNnet mobile phone chair could be on your desk faster than you can say "who is that smiling channel chick?"

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