PC Solutions Briefs: Pioneer, Seagate, Microsoft, AMD

PC Solutions Briefs: Pioneer, Seagate, Microsoft, AMD

Pioneer goes Thin for 2000 with new seriesPioneer Computers Australia has released two new models of its 2000 Thinbook series.

And unlike normal notebook offerings, the 2000 Thinbook comes in different colours - blue, red or silver. Weighing 1.5 kilograms, the computer features a 12GB hard drive, 64MB RAM, built-in 56Kbps modem, 10/100 LAN card and 24x CD-ROM or optional 8 speed DVD and comes with Windows 98 preinstalled.

The notebook will be sold with a 700MHz PIII CPU for $4680 or 750MHz for $4680.

Pioneer has also included an IEEE1394 Fire Wire port and the notebook will support wireless LAN solutions, according to the company.

The 2000 Thinbook series comes with a one-year parts and labour warranty.

Seagate to provide Xbox drives for MicrosoftMicrosoft has named Seagate Technology as the supplier of hard drives for its Xbox gaming console.

The device, which is due on the market in the second half of next year, will be installed with Seagate hard drives from June 2001 through to mid 2003. The decision consolidates the vendor's position in the consumer electronics market, according to the company.

"The Xbox is a strategic product for Microsoft," said Seagate's senior vice president of worldwide sales and marketing, Joel Stead. "As a category, games represent 50 per cent of the consumer PC software ales. This is an opportunity for volume growth in disk drive shipments as the Xbox attracts a large portion of this audience."

AMD's new platform for DDR memory

AMD has announced a new chipset, the AMD-760, the first platform to support double data rate (DDR) memory.

DDR can increase data throughput by 100 per cent compared to the most popular form of memory today, SDRAM. It builds on SDRAM technology and manufacturing processes. The new chipset has been developed by the company in response to the needs of the industry, according to AMD executive vice president, Rob Herb. "With DDR memory, a major performance bottleneck is removed, allowing PCs to take advantage of increasing processor frequencies."

The new chipset consists of the AMD-761 system bus controller and 766 peripheral bus controller. It supports Athlon processors with 200 and 266MHz front side bus as well as PC1600 and PC2100 DDR memory and 4xAGP graphics.

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